Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette





$32 at www.urbandecay.com







Urban Decay…..you’ve done it again! I am craving this new eyeshadow palette. Also included is a pretty mini pink lip gloss and a 24/7 eyeliner too. This set is $32 and available on Urban Decay’s website right now.

I’m truly tempted…..are you?

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  1. Destinee says

    I am definitely tempted. I was looking at it the other day. I can just see a neutral eye with the pink pop of color on the lower lash line. So pretty!

  2. says

    This is such a cute palette, I really liked it when I saw it but the only thing I really don’t like is that urban decay repeats colors a lot. I only have 2 palettes and I think there is at least one eyeshadow that is repeated.

  3. Daphnee says

    I am tempted and wish they were available on Sephora so I can use the 15% discount. If I weree patient, I’d wait for UD to put them on sale in the fall (like they do with all their summer palettes). I really want Darkhorse!

  4. Naty de Pardo says

    urban decay palettes always looks so beautiful! one day i know i would find someone that is going to sell them here in argentina :D

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