A New Favorite of Mine-NYC Liquid Lipshine Rivington Rose #580


NYC Liquid Lipshine Rivington Rose, $1.97 at Walmart

I showed you some of my favorite nudes from the NYC Liquid Lipshine line Honey on the Hudson and Nude York City a few months ago but here is my favorite everyday pink! It’s called Rivington Rose and its gorgeous!


I love this light pearly pink shade. It’s become a favorite of mine to use when I have a dark eye look going on. It truly balances out that type of look so I don’t look vampy. I rarely do strong eyes AND strong or deep colored lips. It’s funny how much this lip gloss smells like food. I love the scent. It’s pretty strong so if you aren’t into that then this might not be for you. It smells like caramel and vanilla to me. There isn’t any taste to the gloss though and it lasts really well. I end up touching up every four hours or so.


Check this out if you are in the market for a great everyday gloss that looks quite classy for $2 on the lips! I got this tube of gloss at Walmart. I’ve noticed that larger CVS’s carry the NYC (New York Color) line and Target also. These are truly too inexpensive and good not to try out! Get on this because this bargain can’t be beat!

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  1. Jerrica says

    This is my fave NYC gloss too. The first time I wore it I almost couldn’t believe how good it was…I’ve used it as a lipstick topper and alone. Both ways are lovely.

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