Academie Hypo Sensible Phyto Peeling With Seaweed

This product has such a long-ish name I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe the name is just Phyto Gommage Marin? I’m not sure. In fact this a post because I’d like to find out if you use anything that you know nothing about like me?

First off let me show you some pictures.









I got this because it was used on me during an amazing facial I got over a year ago. I loved the Academie cleanser that I bought too, that’s long gone by now but this exfoliating cream is just fantastic. You just rub it all over your skin and I’m so lazy I let it dry on my face-not sure if your supposed to do this or not? Anyway what I get when I wash it off is smooth happy skin. What is so funny is I forget all about what I was told about this product. I’ve been using it at least once a week and its great. I tried to google it and didn’t find much either.

I need to listen and retain info much better don’t I?

Do you currently use anything in your beauty routine that your fuzzy on the details about?

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