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We all do it…get a little crazy with the eyeliner or eyeshadow and whoops there is a wicked looking smudge or line on your face. I usually cuss a little and then grab a Q-tip and try to handle the damage. What unfortunately happens is that I use a liquid remover that leaves behind a mark that I have to fix with more concealer/foundation so i really end up screwing things up. So when I saw a few reviews for Almay’s Makeup Eraser Sticks I was hoping the liquid remover inside these space aged Q-tips was the answer to my mess ups. I’m glad to say that these sticks are the perfect way to fix my mess!









After reading the directions with a PhD friend (cause I’m a little slow…) and figuring out how to use these I was all set. I was able to fix smudged eyeliner and some mascara that ended up on my eyelid. In fact I took the pictures above of my second pack of remover sticks that I just purchased because I went back for more of these! I wish they’d put like 60 in a pack instead of 24 but these are amazingly handy and I really like the remover liquid inside. It doesn’t leave behind any color or ghostly streak on my face after use.

I have been getting the Almay Makeup Erasers at Ulta and they are $5.49 a pack. I usually end up getting them during buy one, get one 50% off sales. That’s going on this week at Ulta so if you’d like to get these in store or online do it before the sale is over. I also have started carrying these in my purse for touchups during the day. This is great since I usually use my finger to remove makeup mess ups throughout the day. I recommend trying these! Check for them anywhere you get Almay products.

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