An Intense Review of Milani’s Lip Intense Liquid Color Shades-#1 Red Extreme, #2 Pink Rave, and #4 Violet Addict


Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color, $6.79 at CVS

Verrrry interesting. This is one of those new products that you are either going to love or hate instantly. I will tell you a few things that you need to know asap about these and they might even make the decision for you.

*These lip colors aren’t moisturizing. On dry lips this formula isn’t going to work. Prep with balm if your lips aren’t in great condition.

*The applicator (rounded doe foot) is hard as a rock. I felt like I was applying lip color with a metal spatula.

*#1 Red Extreme smells like cake batter (YAY!) and the other two smell like cake batter but it’s not as strong.

*Babysitting might be necessary. Around the three hour mark I have to add lip balm and make sure the color still looks even. Pressing your lips together often can change the way this looks….oy!

So all that being said I do love the colors! They are striking and I love that. I didn’t notice an odd taste or anything. It’s just so funny how when I open the red one the smell of cake batter smacks me in the face but in the other two shades I got you can barely smell it.

If your lips are in great shape you will have less of an issue with the formula. I use vaseline on my lips most nights so they are in really decent shape at all times since I often take pics of lip products. I touched these colors up with balm after applying because the formula is thin and very creamy. This isn’t like a lip gloss at all its more like a liquid lipstick which to me is very nice. You do need a mirror to apply because the color can appear patchy if you don’t smooth it on right. And the hard applicator doesn’t help the product go on smoothly. The applicator is dreadful darling…

I think prepping with balm is going to help most people with these pretty INTENSE shades from Milani. I admire the effort they put into making these and I’m hoping we have some fun/crazy limited edition shades coming our way since there are only four of these that are a permanent part of the regular line. I only picked up three but there is another shade that you’ll see at the store that you might like as well.

Lets take a look at the colors shall we?

milanilipintenseredextreme#01 Red Extreme

milanilipintensepinkrave#02 Pink Rave

milanilipintensevioletaddict#04 Violet Addict

Check these out at CVS or anywhere that Milani products are sold. Like I said you will love them or hate them. I choose to love with a lot of balm on the side! Especially the purple one. Violet Addict is EVERYTHING!

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  1. says

    You can really rock those colors. I absolutely love Milani but, putting on lip products with a metal spatula does not sound appealing! Still, I will probably check these out. Thanks for another great review Crystal. xoxo Elle

  2. kasey says

    Crystal I just wanted you to know im a long time viewer first time commenter, but I just love your blog and your youtube channel… u are so down to earth and very classy. I always trust your opinions and I never get a vibe that you are being sponsored like some YouTube girls. Thank you for being you and keeping us informed on all the new makeup. And I hope you guys are all healing okay after jinx passing so sorry to hear that, made me feel like i lost my own furbaby.. condolences to you. Keep up the great work as usual :)

    • says

      Thank you so much for saying all that. I really like writing and doing videos on makeup so thank you so much for checking everything out and commenting!

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