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Talk about a great idea. Check out my new best friend Lash Genius!

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I’m going to tell you something many of you will disagree with. I don’t like/purchase waterproof mascara. I’ve done a video review series on YouTube where I compare many mascara’s and in the entire set of video’s I’ve reviewed, none of them were waterproof. Why? Because I never buy waterproof mascara. I prefer the original formula of each mascara be it high end or drugstore.

So this is PERFECT for me. I get the benefits of waterproof mascara and in the Summer I know I need it. But what I love about Lash Genius is that I can turn the mascara formulas I already know that I like into waterproof mascara with this clear topcoat. I’m fine with the extra step and I find that after two coats of the clear formula I’m ready for my favorite activity this Summer that’s the toughest on my lashes…the tennis court. I’m no Serena but I sweat up the court like I’m doing something! And no runny goopy lashes. This formula protects my lashes well and I would recommend that you use it with mascara’s that don’t leave your lashes stiff and hard. I try to stay away from mascara’s like that anyway but just a tip. Your lashes need to be somewhat easy to comb through to put this on top.

I was worried about adding something to my lashes and if it would take away the volume that I work so hard to get. Thankfully it doesn’t take out the volume I build up like a crazy person! And it isn’t any harder to remove my mascara at the end of the night. That was another concern of mine. Removing waterproof mascara formula’s isn’t my favorite thing to do. I have used some formulas in the past that were HELL to get off and that may be why I don’t like the stuff to begin with….

Lash Genius is $21 for a .19 oz tube. It can also be used with false lashes. I haven’t tried that yet but I will! Check out the video below showing how you can use the product with your favorite mascara or false lashes. I have to admit I giggled a little when she sprayed herself in the face with a water bottle. I’m like 5 yrs old at times. Ok most of the time:) Ha!

Rated A

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  1. Ruth says

    water proof mascara’s have a tendency for me to not stay put. they smear and smudge and end up giving me panda eyes, which as we all know is the look to strive for ;D.

    what a great idea and will have to check this out!

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