Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette (Quick Swatches!!)


Anastasia you’ve got a hold on me….

I mentioned recently in a YouTube video that I’m kind of pissed at these $50-60 Urban Decay palettes that keep coming out. That’s a freakin lot for a palette. So maybe thats why I am a sucker for these Anastasia palettes that come out on the regular. I kind of love them. I showed you the Amrezy a few months back. Let me tell you I love that palette still. The color line up is just perfect. But I had to try Maya Mia too. It’s warmer with a mostly neutral line up so I thought we’d get along good. I was right!


Take a look at some quick swatches!


 Nude, Deep Brown, Sienna, Warm Taupe, Vanilla

Aqua, Fresh Peach, Glisten, Caramel, Gold Bar


Nude, Deep Brown, Sienna, Warm Taupe, Vanilla

Aqua, Fresh Peach, Glisten, Caramel, Gold Bar


Nude, Deep Brown, Sienna, Warm Taupe, Vanilla

Aqua, Fresh Peach, Glisten, Caramel, Gold Bar

This palette is full of warm goodness. If you are a neutral look lover its one to pick up. I like neutral but with some shimmer! This fits that bill. My favorite shades are Sienna, Glisten, Fresh Peach, Gold Bar, and Caramel. Those are the shades that I use the most. There is some overlap color wise with the Amrezy palette. Glisten, Caramel, and Vanilla are in that palette also.

As much as I love these $29 palettes they go out of stock way too quickly. If you like the Maya Mia palette get on it NOW. The Amrezy palette is so hard to get and this one is going to be harder to get day by day as well. The shadows are good quality and blend beautifully on the eye. I’m really glad I picked this up and at $29 it’s a decent deal to me. Poo on $50+ palettes!

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  1. Destine2grow says

    I like the colors in this palette better than the Amrezy palette. Thanks for the swatches! I really need to try the Anastasia palettes! I am also tired of paying $50+ for a palette.

  2. lindsey says

    I passed on the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. I bought Vice 2 last year and have the Naked palettes. Some of these palettes they are coming out with now are just to pricey! I am a little over it. I agree the smaller palette like the Maya Mia is a great option plus it is a little friendlier on the budget. I think the Tamanna palette is equally gorgeous. I do however, have to use a very good eye primer with her shadows. IMO the pigment is not as good as some of the higher end palettes, but the colors are beautiful :)

  3. sanessa wright says

    I have seen so many reviews for this palette i think what attracted me outside of the affordability is that i see many women of different colors using this palette and getting excellent results. I’m an art major and the packaging is soooooo beautiful and i always love watching your haul videos as well as looking here at your swatches!!!!

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