(CLOSED)Anastasia Maya Mia Palette Giveaway!


I wanted to do a fun giveaway this month for a palette!

I really like the Maya Mia palette (my review/swatches post here) and I think it will be a great addition to anyone’s makeup stash so I picked up a palette for one lucky winner! If you’d like to enter to win please use the Rafflecopter tool below. Good luck!

Here’s a quick pic I took of the palette:)

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  1. Erika Angst says

    My favorite e yeshadows that I own are the makeup geek ones, though I also enjoy my too faced ones. I would love to try the Anastasia ones!

  2. says

    I adore Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow palettes but I’m interested in branching out and trying new brands, so this giveaway is perfect for me!
    Thanks for this opportunity sweetie xo.


  3. Aerika Jordan says

    My favorite palettes are from Urban Decay. I’m obsessed with them. I haven’t tried any of the Anastasia palettes yet, but they look amazing.

  4. Michele bingham says

    Urban Decay. I just bought my first Tom Ford palette, but have not used it…I might change my mind once I have. Ha!

  5. Niki T. says

    I’d have to say Lorac, although my favorite palette at the moment is Stila In The Light. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. A.ortiz says

    I recently bought Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics and love it! Otherwise my favorite shadows are Mac (rice paper, satin taupe, soft brown, brun, woodwinked)

  7. aquie says

    My favorite eyeshadows are by colour pop which are bae, bandit, mittens, and lace…I love bitten by makeup geek, and quite a few MAC colors: plummage, deep damson, fig.1, handwritten…

  8. Monica says

    Since I started learning how to use eyeshadow about a year ago, I’ve slowly built up a palette collection and my goal is to have at least one from each brand. So far my favorites are itsJudytime from BH, Oh So Special from Sleek, Revealed from Coastal Scents, and Chrysalis from Kat Von D. I don’t have anything from Anastasia yet so I’d be over the moon if my entry gets picked!

  9. Lola says

    Eyeshadow is one of my favorite things!!! Hmmm….Wet N Wild (the 8 pan palettes) makes some pretty darn skipping beautiful eyeshadows. The shimmer / metallic ones? Mhhh yes.

  10. Brynn Victoria says

    My favorite brand of eyeshadows is wet n wild from the drugstore because they are just really nice for the price point and I have only one Too Faced palette which is the Chocolate Bar palette and I am absolutely in love with it!!

  11. Toya says

    I love Urban Decay eyeshadows. They are so smooth and super easy to blend. I’ve been dying however to try Makeup Geek and Anastasia eyeshadows.

  12. Charise says

    Those colors are so pretty. I have not yet tried Anastacia products because I don’t do my eyebrows due to the fact it’s hard to find a color that is not too dark or harsh. I Afro-American albinism so my eyebrows are whitish blonde.

  13. Adelina says

    I love the Wet n’ Wild eye shadows.
    I was hoping to buy the Lorac Mega Pro but missed the opportunity to try their shadows (sad face).

  14. Cindy says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Just saw your palette intervention video, and I agree, one should never part with their Tarte palettes!

  15. Ma'Shayla says

    Wet and wild and coastal scents, both are inexpensive and for the most part have pretty good quality. Oh, and can’t forget about Urban Decay.

  16. Rhonda says

    Trying to choose my favorite palettes or eye makeup is tough! I love Nars, UD, Two Faced, Tarte, Marc Jacobs, and Lorac to mention a few. They all have amazing pigmentation and longevity and the colors are gorgeous. My old standbys have been Mac with the recent addition of the Makeup Geek. I am a makeup junkie through and through and every time I walk into my makeup room I find peace.

  17. michelle says

    My first high end palette was the tarte cosmetics chocolate palette. I love nudes with a pop of color. So right now I would say that is my favorite .

  18. Romaya says

    I love Lorac eyeshadow palettes and the Anastasia palettes! They are so buttery and the pigment is amazing. My first eyeshadow palette was the Urban Decay naked palette and that’s what started my beauty obsession :)

  19. Cami M says

    I haven’t had many eyeshadows but probably Estee Lauder because I used to have this reaaally nice Estee Lauder quad and it was my favorite!

  20. Nessie_like says

    These makeup companies are going to get all my coin this Christmas. So many pretty palettes. My faves have been Mac shadows and Sleek males some nicely pigmented shades as well

  21. says

    I love palettes! I really only have one nice palette and that is the cargo palette from last year, which I love. I gave it to myself for Christmas. I am thinking of getting the Unzipped this year, but I can’t decide.

  22. Diana says

    My favorite brands of eyeshadow are Lorac and Wet&Wild.
    It’s sad here in Montreal, Canada, we don’t have Lorac anywhere. I had to buy it online from Nordstrom.

  23. Adrienne says

    Hey girl thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this palette since it came out lol. I just love your de cluttering videos. My favorite shadows are a combo between Urban Decay, lorac, and makeup geek. Thanks again ♡♡Adrienne

  24. Natalie says

    Tarte makes my favorite eyeshadow palettes. I have a few of them and the colors are always so pigmented and super bendable.

  25. Brittany says

    Amazing giveaway. I haven’t tried any of these palettes but I just ordered a bunch of MUG eyeshadows to build my own MUG palette. So my favorite shadows would probably be from the MUG brand. They are inexpensive and pigmented. Excited for this giveaway!

  26. Lisa A. says

    This looks like a beautiful palette. I have the Catwalk and Lavish, they don’t disappoint. I haven’t picked this one up.

  27. Nikola says

    My favourite palettes are Sleek and drugstore ones like MOJE – new brand in my country, really good quality and price. Also I really love Miss sporty :)

  28. Laura says

    We dont have anastasia in France ! I wish they Will expand soon. I am si jealous of all the things you have un the us . And cheaper….. Crossed fingers for the giveaway ! Thank you

  29. says

    I find myself using my Anastasia Lavish palette more than anything else I own although I really liked Urban Decay’s older formula. Anastasia’s Orange Soda belongs in ALL the creases.

  30. daniela says

    Lorac and Tarte are a couple of my favorite eyeshadows. I haven’t try any of the Anastasia yet. But can’t wait.

  31. Annette says

    Don’t think I could pick just one brand as a favorite there are so many good ones! But my top three are Makeup forever, lorac and urban decay.

  32. Erica says

    I have a few palettes( Chanel, MAC, Urban Decay, The Balm) but I finf I really love the Wet n Wild palettes. They are fabulous. Thanks for for continued generosity!!!

  33. says

    Urban Decay eyeshadows are definitely my favorite. I haven’t ever tried anything from Anastasia but I’d definitely like to, after seeing your review of this palette!

  34. Maureen says

    My favorite eyeshadow palette is my latest acquisition – the Becca Ombré Nude!! Love the creaminess and matte shadows. I don’t have any Anastasia palettes but would love to try one!!

  35. Charlotte says

    Love, love, LOVE Urban Decay shadows. Mac shadows are a staple, but there are so many other greats…Nars, Inglot, even some wet & wild. High end or drugstore, you said it best Crystal!

  36. Libby says

    I love Lorac, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Wet n Wild, and Anastasia. I love trying new brands. Thanks for in depth reviews, so I know what to look out for that is new and great! :)

  37. Asha says

    Lately I’ve been loving the Inglot eyeshadows but I try not to get stuck on any one particular brand. I’ve never tried the Anastasia shadows so this palette would be great!

  38. Mary says

    I don’t have a favorite brand for eye shadows since I’m just getting into eye shadows at age 31. Lol I’d really love to have a high quality palette like this one to use!

  39. TRINA LOVE says


  40. Tiffany Y says

    I have never tried Anastasia eyeshadows, but I would just LOVE to give them a try! <3 Thank you for the giveaway, love watching your Hauls :)

  41. Sharee says

    Urban Decay eye shadows are beyond comparison to any others I own. I just got into UD eye shadows after buying the Vice 3 palette. I’m hooked! I had two singles before but now I’m an UD stan. I now have the Rollergirl palette and got the Sephora 500pt reward UD palette. I can’t wait to find an excuse to buy more!

  42. Linda says

    I’m really loving the Ardency Inn pigments right now. I would love for them to make a palette. Rose Gold gets me tons of compliments and I was *finally* able to pick up Royal – the gorgeous purple shade. It arrives tomorrow!

  43. J Holmes says

    I really like Makeup Geek. the quality of the Eyeshadows is amazing. Its on par with other some high end brands with only 1/4 of the cost. If I could start over, all of my eyeshadows would be Makeup Geek

  44. Ruthie says

    I haven’t tried too many brands (and cannot have acess to a couple of brands) but while I love the quality of Uban Decay, the Chocolate Bar palette is my fave palette so I’m gonna go with Too Faced

  45. Sanessa wright says

    I have the naked 1 and 2 palettes by urban decay and i enjoy the formula of all the shadows in both palettes!

  46. Felicia says

    My favorite eyeshadows lately have come from Urban Decay and IT Cosmetics. I haven’t been able to try out any of these Anastasia palettes yet!

  47. Marie` says

    Good morning! so i have a few favs…black opal pallet, can’t even see the name, and my maybelline nude…everyday pallet perfect for me!!! have a great day!!

  48. says

    I have really been loving the LORAC PRO palette lately. It’s just a very easy go to palette for me if I’m running late for work (and I’m always running late for work, 20+ minutes on my makeup every morning, seriously!)

  49. Donna Pruitt says

    I have only one Anastasia palette that I got last week, but haven’t had a chance to play with yet. I an really looking forward to it. I really like Urban Decay, Lorac and Tarte right now.

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