Another Mac Heavenly Creatures Collection Update..

I know…cut it out already with the updates Crystal. But when I am excited I am obsessed/clinically unstable/totally focused.

There are some new pics from a press event on Yuki’s Lazy Channel that you should see if you are looking forward to the July 5th release. She took these pics quickly but they are helpful to me since I’m trying to determine what to skip from this collection.

For a full list of products with prices check out my last post here. Let me know if your thinking of picking anything up!

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  1. Barbette says

    Crystal – this is making me weak. Ok here’s what I’m thinking.

    Lips: all of the creamsheens, lipsticks; pleasureseeker, venus and cut a caper

    Face: Supernova

    Eyes: Aurora, Neo Nebula, Magnetic Attraction, Universal Appeal

    What are you thinking?

    • says

      Do you like creamsheens? I don’t know much about them. I don’t have any! I have Dazzleglasses but no Creamsheens. Tell me what you think about those.
      Lips: Fire Sign Lipstick
      Eyes: Neo Nebula, Magnetic Attraction, Water, Universal Appeal, and Sky
      Face-Blush: Solar Ray, Stratus, Supernova, and Ring of Saturn
      MSF’s: Star Wonder, Center of the Universe, and Earthshine
      I’ve got a few of these on the chopping block until I see more swatches….hopefully they suck. Just kidding:)

  2. says

    Oh, I just checked out the swatches. i am marking my calendar because I want the “Light Year” MSF and Venus lipstick. Thanks for keeping us all updated, Crystal. ❤

  3. Veronica says

    Oh em gee… I am gonna go bananas on this one when it hits the mac website.. oh and cremesheens are my favorite formulation next to plushglass.

  4. Jules says

    So excited for this! I want them all. Especially for-
    eyes: bright moon, neo nebula, and water
    cheeks: solar ray and ring of saturn
    Msf: light year and star wonder
    lips: venus, fire sign and astral
    I’m about to go broke again, lol.

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