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Nuance Strawberry Lip Gloss and L’oreal Sparkling Coral #106 Colour Riche Lipstick

So we’ve all done it. Purchased products that we thought would be life changing but instead, well they kind of suck. This is where being a mix master comes into play. I have been having a lot of fun lately mixing lip products that I don’t get excited about wearing with products I really love.

I thought I’d show you one of my favorite Spring/Summer mixes! I love my Nuance Lip Gloss in Strawberry (review here) and it’s something that I love to bring out when its warm. But a purchase I wasn’t so happy with last year was L’oreal’s Sparkling Coral lipstick. I’m not sure if this is a limited edition color or from the regular line. I have decided to stop buying L’oreal lipsticks since my last few buys have been such disappointments. The formula isn’t my favorite and the issue with this lipstick in particular is that the sparkle can be too much. It really can hang out around the corners of your mouth in a bad way.

Here’s where the Nuance Strawberry gloss comes in! Putting that yummy glossy stuff over the L’oreal has been perfect. This mix deepens the color on my pigmented lips and the sparkle becomes more attractive instead of distracting! And the moisture is on point. L’oreal lipsticks tend to dry my lips out so the added gloss moisture makes this a great fun combo to wear!

So mix your stuff up. I notice so many people mix foundations and mascaras but mix your lip products too. If you lost your receipt and don’t know where you got a lip product or you’ve got something hanging around in your makeup drawer that you don’t love…MIX IT.

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    I always mix my lip oolors with other glosses. I have a MAC color called Hang Up, a lovely berry color. When the color starts to fad a little i put some of my Stay glossy by Rimmel and it just seems to give new life to the lipstick. I love mixing and matching my lip sticks and lip glosses.

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