(CLOSED)Bare Minerals Best From the Brand Giveaway!

Hopefully you were able to watch my Bare Minerals Best From the Brand video on YouTube. Here’s the giveaway to go with that video! There are 13 large and 22 small loose shadows up for grabs. There is an eye primer too! International viewers/blog readers are welcomed to enter! If you have a mailbox I’ll send this to you!

I’ve even already bubble wrapped it for ya!

Please use the Rafflecopter giveaway tool below to enter. Good luck!

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  1. Jessica C says

    I would love to be able to win these! I have only tried Bare Minerals mineral veil and I absolutely love it!

  2. Kaelyn says

    Great giveaway! I have only tried 2 Products from Bare Minerals, the foundation and the mineral veil and those were sample sizes and I absolutely loved the coverage they gave me!

  3. Shay says

    I’ve used bare minerals foundations and eyeshadow duos but I’ve never had a chance to try he loose pigments

  4. says

    I’ve only tried the Mineral Veil, which I got a free sample of. I like it and am curious about their other products. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  5. Anna says

    Hi Crystal!
    Great giveaway :)
    I actually used my one bare minerals eyeshadow today, and I love it! I would love to try more shades :)
    Thanks for the giveaway

  6. amanda putri says

    No, I have not used Bare Minerals before. But i’ll buy the bare minerals matte foundation soon!because of ur recommendation :D

  7. says


  8. Lakesha says

    Love Bare Minerals, especially their foundation. I haven’t had the chance to try their eye shadows, but would sure love to!

  9. says

    I’ve used bare minerals when they first came out but none of the new products and they look amazing! Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. says

    I have used a few of bare minerals products like their foundation!! I am normally very dry skinned but in Texas in the summer I can get oily I use the matte foundation! It’s fabulous

  11. Heidi Caltabiano says

    I am so excited to see your best of bare Minerals! I have to agree, this is the one brand I can not be without. I am going to check Nordstrom for the highlighters. Any chance that tarte will have a place in an upcoming best of brand video?! Thanks Crystal!

  12. Lakiya says

    I love the Moxie glosses. However, I don’t wear much make up but you are going to make me think twice!

  13. says

    I actually never have used Bare Minerals products before. But, I wanna get some of their value kits. Every time I come into Ulta a value kit is there and because of your video, I think i should try them out now! :)

  14. Megan says

    I’ve never tried them because theyre usually out of my price range…. I think I’ll have to try the foundation though!

  15. Miranda says

    Bare Minerals is actually the first high end product that I have ever tried! I love their brand and had an amazing experience at the counter getting my lose powder foundation!

  16. Selena says

    I have not tried Bare Minerals. I always look at their products but talk myself out of it by saying, no next time. I would love a chance to try it though! Thank you for the giveaway! Good Luck to everyone!

  17. JessicaW says

    I have heard people rave about Bare Minerals but have yet to try it. I live no where near a place that sells high end makeup so unfortunately I have not be able to try alot of products. My older sister can’t stop talking about this brand.

  18. Bianca says

    Hey! I have tried Bare Minerals but I never really got into it because I never knew how to use it. It has been a while since I’ve tried it, but I have heard countless awesome things! thanks for this giveaway!! :)

  19. Samantha V says

    I love the bare minerals original foundation. Found a good match and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any makeup at all.

  20. Gintare says

    i have used eyeshadows, and they were amazing…the only thing i don’t like – the price :) but with a good offer, it’s really most amazing product

  21. Jennifer S. says

    I am so new to Bare Minerals but it’s b/c of you, CRystal that I tried them. I would be thrilled to win this prize and I think it’s awesome how generous you are. I am a loyal subbie either way and adore your videos.


  22. Cassandra says

    I have one of the 8.0 eyeshadow palettes that is awesome!! I love your videos and can’t wait to try more Bare Minerals products ;)

  23. Yanique Foster says

    I have never tried Bare Minerals but would love to because it is uually out of my price range! :)

  24. Keri says

    I’ve never used Bare Minerals products before. I’ve looked at them in Sephora but have never been sure what to start with.

  25. says

    I have always eyed bare minerals at Ulta, but I just can’t ever pull the trigger on buying it. I don’t know why. This is a really awesome giveaway! You’re very generous.

  26. says

    I’ve never used the loose power eye shadows, but love me some bare minerals foundation – in golden deep (w), but would love to try them.

  27. Margareta says

    About half a year ago I got the matte foundation by bare minerals because you’ve been talking about it and always said so many good things about it :)

    well.. up until today it’s my most used foundation! love love love it!! thank you so much for the advice!

  28. Rena says

    I’ve tried it once or twice like the lip glosses and mascara but my mom uses it and really likes it!

  29. tharjye says

    Never tried bare minerals I follow your yt channel and you rave about it and I value your opinion when I comes to me purchasing products so I would definitely like the try them and what better way to do so then with this giveaway but if I don’t win I will still be purchasing would love to catch a few of their holiday sets so thanks for sharing an giving one of us the opportunity to win some of your favorite products!

  30. kenzi says

    Only the luminizer per your refferal! And I love them I would love to try the shadows and everything else they have.

  31. says

    I have not used Bare Minerals products and would love to try them. Love your channel!! You are on top of the makeup haul game!!!! Thanks for all you do as a blogger!

  32. Steph says

    I love Bare Minerals mat foundation but i really want to try there eyeshadows. I have heard so much great stuff about them

  33. Heather USA (@aitch77) says

    I have the Bare Minerals Well Rested pen, a few loose shadows and blushes and 1 ready eye shadow quad.

    This is a FANTASTIC giveaway, thank you so much!

  34. Neeta says

    Bare Minerals was the first high end makeup I every purchased. Ten years later and it’s still my favorite foundation!

  35. Kathleen C. says

    I’ve never tried Bare Minerals or loose eyeshadows before! I would love to try out those eyeshadows!

  36. says

    I love BM and I wear the same foundation as you I would love to win the giveaway I need eye shadow and love nude shade. You do a great job with presentation keep up the good work thanks.

  37. Amber G says

    I’ve used Bare Minerals foundations before, but I’m really interested in trying some of the eyeshadows!

  38. says

    I love bare minerals! But I don’t have a lot of their loose minerals anymore, just some of their ready use stuff and one loose blush in perfect rose that I was given for Christmas, that I LOVE!! I used to love their foundation but then it started to break me out, But that was before they came out with the Matte version, which I have been told is completely different and I am really seriously thinking about trying it especially since I have been hearing such wonderful things about it! :)

  39. says

    No, I have never used this brand of makeup, not because I don’t like it but because I really don’t know where to start on what products to buy

  40. Denise Lenhardt says

    I have been loving Bare Minerals for years. my mom got me started with the foundation and from there my love grew to the shadows and eyeliners

  41. hanh nguyen says

    I have try the foundation mineral but the shade was kid of dark for me. I love their loose mineral eyeshadow!

  42. NS says

    I never tried bare mineral products
    but I heard lot of good things about this brand,
    so I was thinking about to buy products from this brand.
    Your video helped me a lot!!
    Thanks so much!!

  43. Sydney says

    I’ve never tried bare minerals eye shadows, only their face powders and that was a long time ago! Awesome give away! :)

  44. Victoria says

    I love the Bare Minerals foundation but aren’t too fond of the brushes. If anyone has any tips to keep them from becoming a shedding nightmare, I’d love to hear them. =) Perhaps mine are just too old? Maybe a year old. I only own one shadow from BM, it was a limited edition one for charity so I know they have pretty nice shadows.

  45. Grace Ko says

    BE is my HG brand too but doesn’t seem to get enough love from bloggers and youtubers that I watch! One of the many reasons I love your channel!!!

  46. Helen says

    I’ve never tried Bare Minerals because you can not buy them that easily in Germany (right now I live in Canada as an exchange student but Iam from Germany) but atfer I saw your video Iam really interested in giving them a try.

  47. Merlyn says

    I have never tried anything from Bare Minerals but your video has definitely encouraged me to buy some products from them.

  48. Chrystal says

    I would love to win and try bare minerals shadows . I have tried their foundation and love that . Thank you if I won I would be happy to split the giveaway with another person , so that 2 people get the chance to try the brands eyeshadows .

  49. says

    Hi I love bare minerals I have been a longtime fan. But I have kind of noticed the new ready shadows are not long lasting like the powder shadows. They are still easy to work with but even with primer i have trouble getting them to not fade….

  50. Nancy says

    so excited for this giveaway :) I wanted to buy the tube with all the shadows this past Christmas but passed them. Thanks Crystal!

  51. says

    I love your channel and I wear the same BM foundation as you I love nude shades and would love to win the giveaway. Kepp up the good work. thanks for sharing.

  52. Ellie says

    I’ve never tried Bare Minerals before but it’s on my list of things to buy. Maybe I won’t have to if I win! ;)

  53. TraciB says

    I used to wear Bare Minerals in the past, but decided to branch out and now after seeing you, I need to go back!

  54. says

    I was at Ulta today looking at Bare Minerals. I have never tried any of the products yet. I was pressed for time today but I definitely want to go back and get help finding my shade. Unfortunately I tend to be in the darkest color brands make and some times the darkest isn’t dark enough but we shall see with Bare Minerals.

  55. Marci says

    I’m going to have to try Bare Minerals. I always love the way their eye shadows look on you but I’ve never tried the brand before.

  56. Low Kimberly says

    No i haven’t used any bareminerals product at all but i would love to try their eyeshadows (many ppl raves about them!!)

  57. Crystal says

    No, I haven’t used the brand before, but I have swatches the eyeshadows before at Ulta. They are smooth like butter.

  58. Linsy says

    No, I never used any products from the brand. What better way to experiment but to enter the giveaway!!!!!

  59. Camille says

    I have thought about using bare minerals but have never gotten any. Years ago I used Iman powders, I’m a powder girl I don’t need full coverage makeup (yet) Now I will try these after your review.

  60. Dana says

    I just got my first shadow from BM. The duo in The Enlightenment. Looking forward to giving it a go. Thank you so much for this giveaway opp!!!

  61. Emily G says

    I have and I love love love the foundation. I have their original formula and, at least in the winter, it works wonders for me.

  62. Trudy says

    I have used a trial size of the foundation before but its a little out of my budget right now. Although when I tried it the primer was not good for my very oily skin.

  63. Sharon Brake says

    Just purchased my first ever Bare Minerals product – an eye pencil at Nordstroms. So far, so good! I am hoping it’s a winner. I have tried Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Smashbox and none of them have ever stayed in my water line.

  64. Burgon says

    I would love these bare minerals eyeshadows, i have never tried them before but know i would love them since you think so highly of them! :)

  65. michelle says

    I have never tried bare minerals eye shadows. I have sampled the lip gloss and powder but I have never purchased the products. I want to try the powder foundation.

  66. Cheryl Pendleton says

    I to am a lover of BE.
    I’ve helped me so much to enhance my love for the brand.
    My color is wam deep.

  67. Cheryl Pendleton says

    Can you show foiling with some of the BE loose shadows?
    I think some your followers would enjoy that.

  68. Jessica says

    I love bare minerals! I have some eyeshadows, a blush, bisque, and I just got a mini kit because I really missed the foundation. I just wasn’t happy with the other things I was trying.

  69. Alyssa says

    Haven’t tried a whole lot of bare minerals beyond their lip products, so I would love to try some of their shadows! Thanks for the giveaway

  70. Melody says

    Oh my god you have no idea how excited i am for this giveaway!!!! My favorite one you’ve ever done!!! Love Bare Minerals for their mascara, foundation and concealer but have never tried their loose eye shadows. Thanks Crystal!!

  71. Andrea Lux says

    Bare Minerals is actually one of my go to products. I use everything except for the foundation, I prefer liquid.

  72. roleigh says

    at long last! international entries are qualified :0 thank you for the chance of having what you had. loving every time your reviews & post. that smile as i watch you always makes me feel beautiful :0 keep it up, more power & heaps of blessings along your way!

  73. Jeanelle says

    I haven’t ever used bare minerals. There was a sale on a starter kit at the Ulta by my home some years ago and I was advised by the girl there that it wouldn’t fit my complexion and I should stick with Iman. Imagine my surprise when I began following you last year and I discovered that there was a shade that matched your complexion (a woman of color),you loved it and they have their own stores.

  74. Sherry B. says

    My experience with minerals has been limited to a few products from ELF, but I do like the effect that they give! I would like to try Bare Minerals as the higher quality would, I am sure, deliver an even better result. Unfortunately, the BM line is a bit out of my price-range right now, but I do hope to explore the line when times turn around for me. Thank you for the giveaway, Crystal.

  75. Lisa C says

    I’ve never used the loose eyeshadows, but I have used the blush and foundation. Very nice giveaway!

  76. Brenda Flippen says

    I have never tried anything from bare minerals! I would love to try these! They look beautiful! Thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  77. laura says

    They don’t sell the brand where I live, so never tried it before. Would love to though after all your recommendations :)

  78. lukejan says

    unfortunately we do not have baremineral in Thailand so i havn’t tried anything from this company

  79. Steph says

    I have a few Bare Minerals items that I really love- one of the ready eyeshadow quads, a pretty amazing liquid lipstick, and a couple of the loose shadows. I want to try more of their products because so far they all seem so good!

  80. Linda says

    I love the few bare minerals products that I’ve used so far, thank you for giving the chance to win some more.

  81. Stephanie Squire says

    I have a lot of discoloration and bare minerals has been my life saver! Never tried anything from them but foundation though! Very exciting!

  82. wheaten beauty says

    Wish they hadn’t been acquired by Shiseido. love the last chance on the BE website. Great giveaway!

  83. Paula says

    I’ve always heard so much abt bare minerals from your videos but never went out to buy something because they are quite expensive in my country :( thanks for the giveaway though! :)

  84. Shyla says

    I am new to makeup and trying to find a brand that I love through and through. I saw your best of the brand and became interested in Nars, Bare Mineral and even Maybelline. I would like that these are mineral based products and would love to try them. I have been eyeing those Moxies for a time and they look really creamy. Must try those soon!

    Thanks for the videos and keep up the good work!

  85. Megan says

    I really like using BareMinerals. The foundation is nice, especially when you’re in a hurry, and the eyeshadows are really pigmented.

  86. Kasey says

    I have tried a couple of their products before, but I haven’t tried any of their shadows. I LOVE their Prime Time face primer!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Melody says

    I have used BM before. Unfortunately the foundation is all too dark for me (tear) but I remember I had one pinkish rosy eyeshadow from them that I used everyday for a while in high school. So nice.

  88. Elisabeth Schmitt says

    Hello =)
    I sadly never came aroung Bare Minerals, it is not that easily avaiable in Germany. And I have also never worked with loose eyeshadows. I would love love love to try them out, especially if you like them so much =)

    Have a sunny day =)

  89. Tiffany says

    My first intro to BM was via QVC during the holidays last year. The savings really are incredible and I’m saving for this year. I’m planning on looking for blushes and the concealer and hopefully some brushes!

  90. Callie says

    Ive always wanted to try bare minerals because like you said I’ve heard they have theeee best and most blendable eyeshadows!

  91. Domniki Srri says

    I have never tried because we don’t have that brand in my country(Greece)
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  92. says

    I’ve tried the Moxie gloss and have attempted to get color matched at Ulta a couple of years ago for their foundation but everyone that tried to match me couldn’t seem to find my match.

  93. Helena says

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Unfortunatelly , I have never tried before..but I would like to test it.
    Have a fab weekend!

  94. Leslie says

    I have some loose shadows and would love to try more. Thanks for doing a giveaway I love watching your channel!

  95. Leonné says

    Such a great giveaway, I’ve started using bare minerals foundation this year and I absolutely love it. It would be amazing to try some of there shadows too. Ps Thanks for doing the best of brands series, it’s fab :) xxx

  96. Chantel says

    I have used a few items from Bare Minerals (mascara and a couple of glosses)! I’ve been in university for a long time (7 years) so I don’t always have to budget to try all the makeup items I swoon over! Thanks for the chance to win some pretty treats!

  97. Mariam says

    Awesome giveaway, thanks so much!
    I’ve never purchased anything from BM because I was always so upset that their foundations didn’t match me perfectly, haha. After watching your video I’ll just have to suck it up and try the eyeshadows and the glosses! xox

  98. meegan whitford says

    Way back a long long time ago when it was first on QVC I tried it and liked it and idk why I havent repurchased

  99. Gloria Rosales says

    I’ve never tried Bare Minerals loose eyeshadow pigments, but I am excited!
    Thank you for this giveaway.

  100. Heidi says

    I have used Bareminerals :) and I LOVE them !!! Would absolutely adore it if I won these though, I’ve never tried the loose shadows. Thank you :)

  101. Ally says

    Oh my goodness, what a wonderful giveaway!!! I recently subscribed to your channel while I’m on a long car ride and I have watched so many videos already, you’re so enthusiastic!! I have been using Bare Minerals since April this year and I have ABSOLUTELY fallen in love. I will never use another makeup brand. I have just recently been trying out eye shadows and am loving their Ready eye duos and quads. I have 2 loose shadows, Queen Phyllis and Magical, I really like them! This giveaway would be a great chance to try out more of them!! (: thank you for doing that!

  102. Nea says

    Hi Crystalis! I started using Bare Minerals MATTE Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 over 2 years ago. Its been the only foundation that will ever touch my face. Haven’t tried any of the eye or lip products as of yet.

  103. Alena N. says

    I have tried only one duo shadows, but they’re something @_@ also excited about trying their matte foundation, want to have flawless matte t-zone like you :)

  104. says

    I haven’t used Bare Minerals personally, but my mother has and she is very satisfied with this brand because she has veeery sensitive skin and breaks out with almost any make up she uses. So this would be a shared gift for me and her :)

  105. Nibeya says

    dont kill me but the only thing i have tried from this brand is the mascara and lipgloss … i would love to try they shadows out and have plans to try the foundation. i think every time i went to sephora they never really had a color that matched me and the girls are so busy at ulta… thanks for the give away

  106. Jamie C. says

    I haven’t tried Bare Minerals Products before and Certainly would LOVE to try them out because I hear they are very pigmented and versatile.

  107. Faiza Qaiser says

    I have never used bare minerals before but have seen many youtube reviews about their products and they had been positive

  108. Kaitlyn says

    I have used some Bare Minerals products, but not many! They are not readily available in my area and it’s hard to pick colors online! :( I love the products I have though!!! Especially the eyeshadows! Thanks for doing this giveaway! :D You’re so sweet!

  109. Tysha Jones says

    I have not had the pleasure of using bare minerals before, I have used Buxum from their sister company Bare Essentuals. Ever since your video I have been dying to try the matte foundation.

  110. CC says

    I have looked at Bare Minerals quite a few times but I haven’t tried anything yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. Doreene says

    I tried a mini of the moxie lip gloss that I received in my IPSY subscription and I loved it. I would love to try more BareMinerals products.

  112. Teresa says

    I have not used bare minerals but I would love to try these eye shadows. I’m only afraid that my mom and sister will rob me blind if I win!!!

  113. Teresa says

    I would love to try these BareMinerals shadows! The only problem would be keeping them from my mom and sister if I win!!!

  114. Ebony says

    I’m new to bare minerals. I just got matched to the matte loose foundation yesterday. Its currently the only bare minerals product I own. I would love to try out the eyeshadows!! I absolutely love the foundation. I’m super pumped about the brand and would love more products!!!

  115. Karen says

    I have tried the BM foundations but not the shadows. I would love to win these!! Thanks for doing this giveaway Crystal<3

  116. Ariel O. says

    I have never used any BareMinerals products before, but I would love to try some of the products. I would love to win your giveaway!

  117. Paula says

    I´ve never tried Bare Minerals (it is a expensive brand in my country) so THANK YOU for this giveaway! you are awesome :)

  118. Unekwu says

    Yes I have used Bare Minerals before. I have their tinted mineral veil which is good for the summer. I have *very* oily skin and live in Texas. The days I cant deal with foundation I just conceal my under eye and slap on the veil. I also have the Star Treatment palette which is great!

  119. Sarah-Lee Trotman says

    I will be watching QVC for Bare Minerals in August. I would love to buy my makeup essentials for fall and winter. Thank you so much for the chance to win. God Bless You.

  120. Sandra says

    No, I have never used Bare Minerals products before. That’s one of the reasons why I would really really really love to win this giveaway :D I hear lots of people talking about the products, but sadly I can’t afford them… I love your channel by the way! You go gurl! ☀

  121. Ashley says

    Yes, I have used Bare Minerals products before. Bare minerals is my favorite line of makeup. Love it.

  122. jaypeapaz says

    we love you and bare minerals and enjoy all your videos keep up with it all your a refreshment to my day

  123. Tracey says

    I currently use their primer and quite enjoy it! I think I need to try the mattifying one. I don’t know if its summer, turning 25 or stress but my skin has been oily lately!

  124. Jeneen Leebens says

    I have used some bare minerals products, like well rested but I would really like to use more. I love makeup, and would love to know more about this brand! Thank you so much for the giveaway

  125. Lacey says

    I have! I used to work at Ulta and am quite impressed with both the loose and ready-to-wear shadows from Bare Minerals.

  126. amira says

    This is great!!! I’m so excited to try this brand. I hear such great things about it….
    Im so excited and I just can’t hide it…I’m about to lose control and think I like it!!!!lol

  127. Szappanbubi says

    Unfortunately never used any of them, but their eyeshadows already caught my eyes with their amazing colours and texture!


  128. Heather H. says

    I’ve never tried any products from Bare Minerals but have wanted to for a long time!! I’ve seen alot of great reviews for their products and hope to try them out soon! :)

  129. Jordan says

    I’ve had a bare minerals make under before but I don’t own anything by them, I’ve always wanted to buy something

  130. Hafsah T says

    Nope, I’ve yet to try a Bare Minerals product. You’ve gotten me really curious about their loose powder foundations through your raves though!

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