Bare Minerals Get Started Kit Update

Bare Minerals 8 Piece Get Started Kit ($61 Original Formula/$63 Matte Formula)

The other day in a YouTube haul I showed my new 8 Piece kit from Bare Minerals. I tried their system many years ago but stopped. I decided to try again. Since I have combination skin I thought that because they have a new Matte foundation formula their product might work for me. Here are a few reasons I didn’t stick with their products before.

-The previously offered foundation formula did a poor job of keeping my t-zone looking decent. Midday oil slicks were bad!

-The foundation formula irritated my eyes terribly. No matter how hard I clamped my eyes shut when applying I cried all day long. I looked pretty but weepy and sad. Ha!

-It was kind of messy. The powders get everywhere. I hate having white powder piles (Mineral Veil) sitting on my counter.

-I was dissatisfied with the coverage level.

Lots of the above issues so far aren’t a concern in the first few days that I’ve been trying this kit out. I got the wrong foundation color unfortunately. I am the Golden Dark shade as it turns out. The shade that I originally got was too red/orange for me. Golden Dark has the yellow undertone that I need. This new Matte formula is doing a much better job of keeping me matte. I’m touching up once a day with the Mineral Veil powder from the kit. My eyes aren’t going nuts either. I didn’t wear my contacts the first day and worried that with my contacts in I’d be in for  trouble but it’s just fine so far. It’s still messy. They have a click, lock, and go sifter now and it does cut down on the mess somewhat. The coverage is working for me too.

After watching the DVD that comes with the set I realized that I’m still going to use my favorite cream concealer under my eyes. But the light-medium coverage is great for the rest of my face. I really like this for everyday wear. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup.

I went to the Bare Essentials store to further check out the brand. The nicest associate ever helped me and did my face. If you check on the company website please look for an actual store near you. I had no idea there was one in the local mall and I’m so glad I went. I got a few things (big surprise right?) and I’ll show you them later but everywhere I went afterward people complimented me on my makeup/skin. At Ulta when I went to return the wrong foundation color the girls at the register told me how great the Bare Minerals looked. Even the barista at Starbucks noticed. My skin looks good with this. It’s nice and light on my face and I think for the warm weather this is gonna be what I use.

Inside the box:

-Mineral Veil (translucent setting powder)

-Warmth All Over Face Color

-3 Brushes-Full Flawless Face Brush, Flawless Application Face Brush, and Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

-Skin Rev-er Upper

-Get Started DVD/Written Get Started Booklet

-Foundation (with this kit you pick your foundation color/formula separately and add it-either regular or matte formula






Bare Minerals Golden Dark Matte Foundation and Mineral Veil

I am going to let you guys know how things go after another several days. Let me know how you feel about Bare Minerals!

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  1. JenJ says

    I had some of the same gripes you had with the Bare Minerals when I tried it years ago. I stumbled back on to the brand via my faaaovrite channel QVC lol! However I didn’t get matched for a foundation shade until I went to Macy’s looking for something else and moseyed by their counter. When I first tried Bare Minerals years ago I didn’t “get it”. Now I do and it’s one of my favorites. I love that now that a wide range of foundations shades (very brown girl friendly). I also like that their shades are very forgiving. I have never evvvvvver been able to fit into more that one shade of a foundation brand (other than my other fav Bobbi Brown). Your skin looks like skin and it covers! I like that you have as little or as much coverage as you want. The brush is key! I don’t like the Full or Flawless Application brush to able the foundation. The mineral viel and warm it’s fine. I have few different ones I like to use (Real Techniques buffing brush, Simga F82 and Sephora Mineral foundation brush which is similar to Sigma’s). Ok I’ve gushed enough lol!!!

    • says

      I am so glad you told me about the brushes. I wasn’t happen with them years ago (horrible shedding) but the ones they have now are better. I do plan to branch out and use other brushes especially since you gave me ideas on ones to use! I really think it makes a difference getting matched. I mean the offering years ago was a color that worked for me and was forgiving but the colors now really work on the undertones. After a few days I don’t agree with their using the foundation as concealer concept cause my bags are huge/dark but other than that I am really surprised and happy with the updating they have done. I am crazy about Warmth and I got several blushes at the store the other day because their blushes are amazing. I loved Glee back then and I got a new one as well as several others.

  2. JenJ says

    Their blushes are ammmmmaaaazing!!! *swoons* Glee is one of my favs along with Lovely and Naughty Naughty. *whispers* you should try their new ready shadows.

  3. destine2grow says

    Thanks for this review. I have been wanting to try this brqnd for a while. I just havent taken tue plunge. On another note i wanted to ask you if you can do a post on contact. I want to start back wearing them. I havent worn contacts on over 10 yrs. I would really appreciate it.

    • says

      Sure, I love my contacts. They have improved a lot in the last several years. I used to not be able to wear them regularly because they bothered my eyes but its all about finding the brand that fits you. Thats a good idea to talk about that in a post.

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