(CLOSED)Bare Minerals Perfect Ten Swatches+Giveaway!

Bare Minerals Perfect 10, $58 at Ulta

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There is nothing like a great makeup palette for travel and if the palette is really good it will make its way to the top of your makeup vanity. This is one of those types of things. Are you one of those girls that likes a little order in your life in the middle of chaos? Maybe thats why this appeals to me so much. I love having everything in one place and it better look pretty!

The colors in this zipped up takeaway are fantastic and there is everything you need except foundation inside.

Take a look at the swatches and I’m sure you will agree.  First up the six eyeshadows that are in the Perfect Ten.

One Hit Wonder, Ritzy, So Chic, Promise, Ooh La La, and Keepsake

Don’t count out the blush, luminizer, and two lipsticks! They are beautiful as well.

This is going to be a good fit for a lot of people. I’ve seen the Perfect Ten on QVC and at Nordstrom in addition to Ulta. It’s everywhere and with good reason. I really hope they continue to do sets like this. They are great to use on the go and mine is going to be on the top of my vanity for a while.

Would you like to use the Perfect Ten? Well I have an extra one with one of your names on it! If you live in the U.S. and would like to see how great this is use the Rafflecopter tool to enter below!

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  1. Ellie says

    I have been a die-hard fan of lip glosses, but in the past few weeks I’ve been getting interested once again in the lipsticks in my collection.

  2. Deeksha says

    I prefer lipsticks anyday..I actually use only lipgloss on days that I dont care what I look like…Honestly I wish there where lipglosses that lasted longer..

  3. Brittany Boney says

    I love lipgloss…I have so many;) Everytime there is a new lipgloss, I have to have it. Thanks so much for the giveaway, Crystal! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Delinda says

    I haven’t used their eye shadow yet only the matte foundation which I love by the way. Thank you for turning me on to it

  5. Ailsa says

    I love lip gloss! Being a student it’s a lot more practical to just throw on for everyday wear. BUT for special occasions I do love some lipstick!

  6. Condriah Williams says

    I prefer lipgloss as long as its not the sticky kind but I use a lipstick topped with gloss combo almost everyday.

  7. Stephanie says

    I am a lipstick junky but I would pop some gloss on a nude lip. But other then that ima lipstick kinda girl :) good luck ladies

  8. Chrissy says

    I love both equally just depends on my mood!!!! Lately I have been reaching for various jumbo sticks, I love revlon’s kissable balm stain in honey I have been wearing it like crazy!!

  9. Becky says

    I’ve been a lipgloss girl for the past several few years. But still love lipstick too. But glosses are my quick go to. :)

  10. Carey B. says

    I prefer lipstick usually, it’s just less of a hassle and I don’t have to worry about my hair getting caught in it or re-applying it as often!

  11. Barbette says

    Hi Crystal – talk about a tough question for the girl who carries a combination of both daily. Lipstick for work and lipstick/gloss combo after work. So I love lipstick more…I think :-)

  12. Paviola says

    I prefer lipstick as I’m not particularly fond of my natural lip color and most lip glosses just don’t cut it.

  13. Nyree A. says

    If you made me pick, it would be lipgloss. Thankfully I don’t so I love everything…..lipstick, lipgloss, stains, tinted lipbalms…..;-)

  14. Felicia A. says

    I used to be really into lip gloss, but now I’m starting to get more into lipsticks. I absolutely love anything that is moisturizing, and with more moisturizing lipsticks coming out I’m beginning to have a collection!

  15. Mahdi Martin says

    I generally prefer a mix of the two, or a hydrating stick gloss like Tarte’s LipSurgence. If I had to choose, I’d pick gloss because it’s more moisturizing.

  16. Jamie C. says

    I honestly prefer lipstick because they come in all different types of finishes and every brand has a different formula and some can even be long-wearing or even turn into a stain for some of the formulas.

  17. Marci says

    I definitely prefer lipstick. I do like to add a gloss over lipstick to add some moisture if the lipstick formula feels dry on the lips.

  18. Cally says

    This palette is amazing!!
    I am more of a lipstick at work and gloss on-the-go type of person. It all depends on the event :)

  19. Lizzy Klein says

    Lipstick for sure. I cannot stand my hair getting stuck in my lip gloss! And another reason is the colors are usually more pigmented, and loving my dark lips, it’s a staple.

  20. Kathy Fowler says

    I prefer the staying power of a lipstick (but love the way lip gloss looks and feels!)
    Hoping Rihanna’s lipstick doesn’t sell out at retail stores as fast as it did online.

  21. Alicia says

    I prefer lipstick because of the pigmentation and staying power. I would love to keep this in my gym bag! It has everything I need for light errands after the gym without looking like a mess.

  22. Kasey Marie says

    9/10 I prefer lipstick (reds and nudes), but if its one of those days were I only did the minimum just to get out of the door and not look like death warmed over, then it constitutes a lip gloss day.

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