Bare Minerals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer

Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer, $23

I’ve been using this foundation primer on and off for months. It really does help control my oily t-zone somewhat. It’s not the best oil control primer I’ve ever used but its damn good!

I tend to use primer just in my oily spots. So I smooth this gel formula on my forehead, nose, and around my mouth and chin. That’s where I get greasy. I love how lightweight and easily this sinks into my skin. One thing that I’ve learned in the last year or so is that a primer has to be good to work with powder foundation. Because your buffing powder foundation in the primer you use can’t stay on the surface too much or else you’ll have a mess on your hands. I use less than a pump of product on my oily areas. If you use too much of this it will FLAKE ON YOU. So be advised.

The primer doesn’t leave any trace or color behind which is nice. It’s a clear gel.

From the Bare Minerals website:

Create an ultra silky smooth canvas and experience your most flawless foundation application ever. Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer combats excess oil and absorbs shine while minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Our mineral-infused formula glides on seamlessly, while helping to extend the wear of your foundation. Great for oily, sensitive or problem-prone skin. Formulated without preservatives, oils, fragrances.

The oil control helps me for several hours but by late afternoon I need a touch up. Thats why I’d say this isn’t the best oil control primer I’ve ever used but it isn’t the worst. I suggest getting a sample at the Bare Minerals counter to see how this works for you. I feel like during the winter months this primer will get the most use from me. I think during the Summer my oily face is just too much work!

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    I bought this a while ago and am almost done with the bottle I have. It is an improvement on the original oil control primer which I didn’t like at all. We shall see how it hold during the warmer months on me. But I would definitely repurchase it. I think this and the Black Radiance primer will be my go to primers.

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