Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle Sale-I Caved!

Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candles, 2 for $22

I love candles. I don’t get candles seasonally (I get my candles at Walmart usually) but this year I did for the first time.

I get an email from Bath & Body Works daily (I am not thrilled about this) and I resisted for a while and then I ran out of anti bacterial hand soap. I purchased a LOT of hand soap at the end of last year at 75% off from them and its lasted a long while but now I’m running out. So I went on the website. That was my first mistake.

Did I mention that my husband loves Fall? Well I showed him some of the candles available on the BB&W website and before I knew it we had 8 of the sale candles in our cart and I visited Retail Me Not’s website to get a 20% off coupon for the order. We didn’t agree with each others choices….he insisted I order some candles called Autumn and Leaves. I am wondering how the heck that smells? Better not be wet leaves or anything strange for $11 each! We shall see. I got the pumpkin scents and yummy sounding ones like Cider Donut and Marshmallow Fireside. We have a lot of candles coming and I gotta say I’m excited!

Did you see this sale? Let me know if you caved. If not bless you.

P.S.-I’m not sure how long this sale is going to last. It’s still up on the website as of today.

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  1. Vetta says

    I caved and got 6of them. I got cider donut and pumpkinwaffles and mmarshmallow too! They smell so good. I even got the wallflowers 6 for 24 with the same smells. My sister said my house smells like cookies! Lol leaves was ok but I didn’t like it. Tell me how you do when you get yours. I’m thinking of getting more because the store did the have some of the scents that is on the website

    • says

      I want my house to smell like cookies lol! See I was suspicious of the Leaves candle. I can’t wait to sniff that one. There are a ton of choices on the website. I hope they burn slow I’ve never had BB&W candles before.

      • Vetta says

        :-(.. I just bought 8 more. I think I’m set! No more candles for me lol! They all looked good on the site. I wish they were at the store I wouldn’t have paid for shipping but I used the code u said u were able to use so that helped.

  2. Vetta says

    I’ve never had them before either way so we will see together! Lol I was told by a coworker that they will have another sale in January so I hope I will have enough candles (once I get at least 4 more) to last me till then.

  3. Aurora says

    Me too! I love these candles. My fav was expresso bar but now they have harvest coffe or espresso, something like that.

    Enjoy your awesome new candles.

  4. Tasharra says

    I love their candles! My fav is coconut leaves and it’s seasonal : ( Thus onto the fall scents! Leaves smell exactly like leaves to me , I did not buy! But I’m currently burning Mahogany Teakwood and it’s awesome! Some other great scents are Sandalwood citrus, pineapple mango, eucalyptus mint and villa bergamot (seasonal one too!). I bought these over the holiday weekend! FYI it’s a peek to purchase in the store to get $10 off of $30 code if you do the survey link found on your receipt. Enjoy your candles ladies!

  5. Tasha says

    I did not cave!!!!! But I will next sale, we burned the last of the summer candles this weekend and we have no fall candles ugh. The boyfriend lights them quicker than I do.

  6. Katisha says

    I love BB&W candles but I only buy them when they are 2 for $22 (definitely not worth $22 for one)! i think you will love their candles. I find that they burn down fast but if you are like me and have a ton of candles you wont mind that (as i want to move onto another candle). I ordered 8 candles when they had the sale. the good thing is they ALWAYS put their candles on sale. I think your hubby did a great job choosing leaves. It is one of the most popular seasonal candles at BB&W. I use to hate it until i bought the plug in and fell in love with it. I always miss out on the candle because it sells out QUICKLY!

  7. Keish says

    Of course I caved! I got two Cider Donut, two Leaves & two Sweater Weather’s…my husband said “dang, do we have enough candles???” Then, I lit Cider Donut & he couldn’t stop sniffing the air! Ha! I win.

  8. tiffany sunshine says

    I love the scents you got! Leaves is okay and does remind me of fall…but I also think it smells like the initial rush of scent you get from a Michaels craft store during the fall and holidays…cinnamon…fruit…and store lol. Let me know if you get the same vibe…

  9. 80sChicwithglasses says

    I passed on the first sale, but since it’s come back I had to indulge! I picked up 8 candles and used a $10 coupon code along with 20% off….long story short, I got a free candle and paid $8 for the other 7! Woo hop! I snagged “Leaves”, “Sweater Weather”, “Autumn Day”, and “Farmstand Apple” from the fall line. I grabbed 4 from the winter line called “Winter”, “Vanilla Snow Flake”, “Tis the Season” and “Sparking Icicles”. I LOVE B&BW candles and I must admit, I would have bought 2 more had they had “Cider Donut” and “Homemade Cookies” in stock! I’ll snag more when they have their staple winter scents in stock….I know, I know, lol!

  10. Babyu21 says

    I just picked up 3 more candles today. I love pumpkin caramel latter but pumpkin pecan waffles is my new favorite. Whenever anyone walks into my home they ask what I’m baking. LOL My mom asked “where are the brownies?” I am stocking up every single time they are on sale.

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