Bath & Body Works Sale…They Get Me Every Time!


I just placed my annual last minute B&BW order online. I do this every year and I still get excited!

I got an email this morning that the sale ends tomorrow so that was what I was waiting for. I loaded up on hand soaps (Fall & Winter scents) that were priced at $1.62 and even grabbed some regular year round scents that were priced at $3. I also found a few $4 pumpkin scented candles and after adding all that to my cart online I added a 20% off coupon (BBWGIFT20) which made all the prices even better!

Check the sale out online if you have a chance. There are some larger candles that are $9 before the 20% off so those are worth checking out also. I’m not sure what is going on in store but online works for me!

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  1. Brittany says

    I saw this post and quickly made a purchase for some $9 candles online! Thank you for sharing! I was also at one of their stores a few weeks ago (surprisingly the sale was still going on) and I picked up 3 body lotions for 75% off. I think my total for all of them was a little over $9, and considering that they are typically $12.50, it was a steal! Gotta love some good sales! <3

  2. 80sChicwithglasses says

    I got a great in store sale last week from them. I got $2.75 hand soaps, $3 body lotion and $4.75 for a Christmas candle holder. In all, I spent about $30 and some change for a bag full of winter goodies. I avoided the candles since I snagged a TON when they had the $8 sale before Christmas.

    • says

      I’m so sorry I missed the $8 candle sale! I got a bunch for $9 after Christmas (I think) and I really was happy with that but $8 is better! I’m glad you got some great in store deals last week!

  3. says

    Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Seeeeeeee! I did good and didn’t go back again before the sale ended. I’m not going anywhere near that damn store until June! But I do have a BUNCH of 20% off coupons (in store and online) that are good until June.

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