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I got this concealer months ago and I realized over the weekend that I’ve never told you about it. I even took pictures of it before I dug into it and I was able to find them so here we go!

Becca is a brand that I was excited to get to know more about. I went to a makeup conference and met the nicest sales associate that gave me the lowdown on the brand. I loved everything that I heard and since I can’t see any of the makeup at a counter near my house I played with a bunch of stuff at the booth. I had heard great things about the Tinted Moisturizer (reviewed here) and Beach Cheek Tint (reviewed here) so I picked up those two items. I also picked up the Pressed Powder (reviewed here) and last but not least this concealer.

Becca Chestnut Compact Concealer

One of the best things about Becca is the website. I wasn’t comfortable ordering things like Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer without doing a color match but the website really describes everything that they sell perfectly. Here is the extensive and detailed information on the Compact Concealer. They are dead on when they describe what this concealer can do.

BECCA’s Compact Concealer cleverly contains two highly pigmented formulations within one slim compact – Extra-cover and Medium-cover. Enabling layering and mixing, this ingenious product provides total camouflage for almost any skin problem including blemishes, scars, birthmarks and under eye circles.

Artist’s tips

  • Use the medium-cover version for broad coverage, including the under-eye area (apply as sheer a layer as possible here, as any makeup under the eyes tends to accentuate smile lines).
  • Use the extra-cover version for spots and blemishes that require heavy-duty coverage, as this formulation is more opaque and has a heavier, slightly drier consistency.
  • Target concealer to the required area by using a brush, then gently press into the skin using the fingertip in a rolling motion (use as little as possible and re-apply if heavier, additional coverage is required).
  • Always set with Fine Loose Finishing Powder to ensure concealer locks onto the skin for an all-day finish.

This concealer retails for $38 and there are over 30 colors available. I got a discount at the conference (whew!) but it’s been worth it because the only thing that does as good a job on my under eye bags is my Le Metier De Beaute Concealer #12 or Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer. This concealer doesn’t move around or crease under my eyes and the coverage is excellent. I use the medium cover side most. I’ve gone to the extra cover side a few times and I was worried it would be much thicker and harder to work with but it isn’t. Both sides are just right. I also prefer to apply this concealer with my fingers.

Extra Cover/Medium Cover (swatched on hand in regular light)

The color match is excellent for my skin tone and I’d definitely recommend checking this concealer out. I hope to go to another conference in the next year and one of my first stops will be the Becca booth to try some more of their products.

Rated A

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