Becca Jewel Dusts-Titania and Aspara








Titania and Aspara

I like shimmer. Especially during the Summer. I got these Becca Jewel Dusts and they are full of the stuff in a classy way of course! The description for Jewel Dusts says these add playful color to eyes alone and over neutral shadows create exotic tones. That is something I can say is very true! I had fun playing makeup mixer with these. I tried them alone and along with so many shadows. I can tell you they are incredibly easy to use and the fallout is minimal.

I got two shades. Titania is a gorgeous silver and Aspara is a pearly peach. Both look amazing on. I love using them sparingly in the corners of my eyes most. They really catch the eye and paired with a good highlighter make your face glow. I love for the main focus to be on my eyes and using both of these kept that focus on point!








Titania and Aspara

These shimmery pigments glimmer beautifully in the light and really help my eyes pop! They work great over eye primer and other powder or cream shadows. One of my favorite things to do with Titania is put it overtop of a deep purple or black eye color. It looks so pretty over deeper shades. I paired Aspara with some neutral browns in my Naked Palette and that was pretty as well. There are twelve Jewel Dusts in all and I got two very usable ones. The container holds .04 oz of product and retails for $24. A little goes a long way with these.

I have my eye on a deep green emerald Jewel Dust named Feeorin. I just might have to pick it up from the Becca website. It’s calling my name!

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