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Sometimes I like a product so much I become a little obsessed with it. This is one of those times. I love tinted moisturizer but finding the right one is hard. I heard great things about Becca’s version. I didn’t have the opportunity to check out Becca’s line of products until The Makeup Show Chicago and I picked up Cognac Tinted Moisturizer SPF25 there.

I love it. It’s one of those products (there are very few) that makes my skin look radiant. Yup RADIANT, I said it. It goes on like butter and just like most tinted moisturizers it doesn’t have lots of coverage so to cheat I often put a little concealer under my eyes but other than that. It is just perfect.  The color is a dead on match. It plays to the undertones in my skin which brings the finished done up look into that nice zone. You know the one…the your skin but BETTER zone. Where I always want to be!  It looks like I have naturally luminous skin.

I have combination skin which makes me a hard fit for some products. My t-zone and dry cheeks look the exact same all day after I used a mattifying primer on my t-zone with this tinted moisturizer. So it’s adaptable and can work with your skin type if you’re a combination girl like me. I really love this stuff! If you get the chance please check this out! It’s $42 for 1.7 oz so get a sample!

And if you remember back a few weeks ago I tested out Bobbi Brown’s new Tinted Moisturizer-if your thinking about both…this is BETTER. I love Bobbi Brown’s version (I rated it a B+) but if I had to pick one, Becca would be it!

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this product myself!

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  1. Lavendar says

    Told ya girl! LOL Isn’t it fab? I hope you signed up for Bella Cara’s mailing list so you can be notified of the next Becca event. I’m anxiously but patiently waiting for a review on the beach tint. I really want to try that next.

  2. Kim says

    Have u tried the becca mattifying primer, just looked it up on amazon but there were no reviews.. For 38 bux I wanted to know if it’s worth it.

      • says

        Which concealer and pwder shade do you use in Becca? I’m a NC50 MAC, Bobbi brown 6.5 – Warm Almond. I’m, tryin to order the Tinted Moisturizer but the shade guide is way off. Was recommended Nuba which I think is too light. Thanks.

  3. Asia says

    OH EM GEEE a LOOOONNNGGG time ago i tried this product in sephora but when i finally decided to purchase it i went back not knowing the brand but the “congac” shade and when i began to ask the floor associates to assist me and NO ONE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. AT MULTIPLE LOCATIONS. i was so put off i didnt even attempt to continue my search. i dropped it and now years later i found laura mercier “walnut” TM and im happy but “cognac” is like the person you eye f*ck in a busy airport or train station and you fantasize later about what if….this post gave me the drive to seek again!

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