Black Friday Madness!

I was so cool and calm this year. I didn’t go to Kohl’s at 3am or anything and I figured I’d get one or two things then…..I really read the Temptalia round-up list of deals and at 9am this morning I found myself getting a little crazy. Here are a few things I picked up.

Butter London Nail Polish-30% off using code CELEBRATE11 good till 11/30

I got Black Knight and Tart With A Heart this morning!

Sugarpill Cosmetics-30% today 11/25 using code PINKWEEKEND, 20% off Saturday to Monday using the same code.

I got Stella, Magpie, and Royal Sugar loose shadows. These are 5 grams each.







Cult Nails- $7.75 Nail Polish Sale

I got Living Water nail polish, pictured below.











the Balm- 40% off today till 11:59 PST using code BLACKFRIDAY

I got the Shady Lady Palettes 1, 2, & 3! I picked up the Balmbini #1 and the Nude ‘Tude Palette. My total was $108 for all of this!









Have fun shopping, I am DONE!!!!

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  1. Pappetee says

    Awesome choices, Crystal! The only make-up that I ordered online today was the Balm Nude Tude Palette, since I already own all the Shady Lady’s, lol. I would also take advantage of the Shu Uemura 20% off tonight. I was in Sephora earlier today to pick up some goodies (MUFE False Lashes, NARS Primer, etc). I invested my money on some of MACY’S Comforter Set since they have nice Morning Specials and plenty of JCP Pillows and house stuff, Bed, Bad and Beyond Makeup Organizers, yipee! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of your Black Friday, Crystal! :-)

    • says

      Thank you, I loved hearing what you got! I don’t have any of the Shady Lady palettes so I am so excited about getting them. I never knew how great the Balm eyeshadows were until I got that Muppet Cast Your Shadow palette. Its great that you got house stuff today too. I should have watched out for that stuff. I get all that stuff at Kohls and they sent me some coupons so I may go check it all out later. I hope you had a great holiday!

  2. Pappetee says

    I was in the middle of moving during the release of TheBalm Muppets palette that’s why I missed it. :-( Am still trying to find the similar palette in various Marshalls/TJ Maxx, but haven’t been fortunate yet. Thanks for sharing the Sugarpill discount code, can’t believe I have never tried any of their products yet.

  3. T.R. says

    Oh Crystal, LOVE your haul. Well lets see….last night I got in on the Sephora $10 special and order 5 items. The Kat Von D perfume, the Buxom lash, the Tarte lash, the mini brushes and the BareEssentuals. I went on ULTA and they had two full size Benefit blushes, GA/Throb in a package for $19, I put it in my cart but got distracted so of course when I went back…sold out. This morning got up for theBalm’s sale and got my NUDE TUDE palette. Already had everything else you got. :O) Good score. I tried to stay up but just couldn’t. So today I trecked out at 3pm and got everything I wanted and then some. Went to ULTA and walked right in and there was one last Benefit’s set, girl told me later she’d just put them out because they’d run out this morning, got two Essie polishes from the new LUXX collection, and the little doggie shampoo set for my dog. Went to Sephora and got 2 more Kat Von D perfumes for $10. Went to Bath and Body and took advantage of their buy 3 get 3 free and got the $20 gift bag. Also got some sale things for my baby at PetCo. Came back home checked my email, saw your post went over to Sugarpill and got three loose shadows – Stella, Magpie and Tiara. Okay I will blame you for that. LOL. Okay I’m done. Though still trying to decide on Butter London. I did go over to Cult Nails but they were out of the one I wanted.

    LOL I hate Black Friday. :O)

    • says

      Nice haul yourself lady! What good deals that you got! I love it! I am going to be so excited getting everything next week. I am going to be in heaven! Thanks for sharing your haul!

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