Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush

I love blush and if it’s at a great price then I’m on it! I found these beautiful baked blushes from Black Radiance at my local drugstore and I had to pick them up!




Warm Berry and Toasted Almond ($5.49 each)





I am always attracted to any eyeshadows or blush shades that are baked. They always work for me because the pigmentation is good. These blushes are deeply pigmented which is so great for the price! These blushes are a steal!



Warm Berry Blush









Toasted Almond Blush





Both of these blushes last all day and both colors are just beautiful. If you get a chance to pick one of these up…DO IT!



FOTD using Warm Berry Blush






Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased these items myself!

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  1. Jenni says

    Hey I’ve never heard of this brand before but I am definitely going to check em out if my local drugstore carries them!

    Have you ever tried out the la femme blushes before? gossmakeupartist on youtube said that it’s one of his favourites.. just wondering if you think the same =)

  2. sassyfied says

    I just saw these at Walmart friday but I wasnt sure how they would look, now i’m going to go and pick them up. I told my fiance you are going to keep me shopping. Lol

  3. sassyfied says

    Hi i went and looked at the blushes again and I didn’t have your site up to go back to in the store. The berry blush seems very red to me, did you have to be light handed with it when applying?

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