Black Radiance Lipstick #5004









I love this lipstick color, the fact that its $2.19 at CVS is a bonus. I showed you my favorite color from High School weeks ago Reggae Red #5014 . This color is just as pretty. I ripped the yucky plastic label off the bottom so I think if I Google’d this right it’s called Purple Passion…thats a good name!

Check these out if your CVS or other local drugstore has them. I think they do an excellent job for the money. These are a steal! While you are there check the Black Radiance blushes also. I reviewed a few of them and they are a good deal.

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  1. sunanda says

    i want lipcolors of BR. I am from India. My husband brought it for me from Texas unfortunately i lost my kit. Now i want them desperately. please do the need ful. please email me on my email id. thanks and regards.

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