Black Radiance Reggae Red Lipstick #5014

















If you want to know what I was like in high school this lip color is the one makeup item that defined me. I wore this color out in my high school years! I found it at CVS last week and I had to get it. It was $2.19! How cool is that? Love the price! I did the whole bright lipstick too much eye makeup thing back in the day. But I stuck with this color for my lips because I it annoyed my mom and dad! I loved it then and I’m so glad I have a new tube now.

The only downside to this lipstick is in the packaging. At the bottom of the tube there is a way too sticky label wrapped around the lipstick. Once you peel off the label the stickiness stays. But hey you can’t have everything and the memories make this purchase worth it. I also picked up a hot pink color that I’ll show you later this week. I’ve shown you a few great Black Radiance blushes in the past check them out if you go look for this at CVS. I reviewed the blushes here.

Is there anything you used a lot in high school? Do tell!

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  1. xtrmakeuplover says

    Hi, it is great to get under our parents skin sometimes; -) lol. I’ve recently just got into black radiance products My first purchase was their eye liner ,now i own their bb cream in cafe ,primer, and press powder in honey amber . Just yesterday i purchase three of their lipsticks in the colors hibiscus, reggae red, and plum orchid. Now I’m hooked and want all of their colors. Its crazy but all of my years of seeing black radiance in my local CVS and i totally over looked them, who would of known such great quality :-).

  2. xtrmakeuplover says

    Oh and quick tip for anyone who purchases black radiance lipsticks cut around the caps that way you avoid the sticky ness and loosing the name. I got this tip from a youtuber i believe her name is African exports (clever isn’t she) ;-).

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