Blog Anniversary Giveaway #1-Lorac Sweet Temptations

I’m happy to say March 16th will be my blog anniversary!!

It’s been two years since I started! Until that day I have a few great giveaways planned. I appreciate you all visiting and most of all commenting! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear your thoughts and opinions on things. Thanks so much for all the support and love over the last two years.

Lets talk about Giveaway #1! I love Lorac and when I saw these glosses I knew that I had to get an extra set to share with one of you. I’ve been hoarding away a few things for this anniversary and I thought this set would be a great prize! International entries are welcome!

Good luck everyone!

If you’d like to win this set, use the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

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  1. zeina t says

    i really love the bourjois glosses .. i don’t think they’re available in the US though. they’re the best !

  2. Kelsey says

    I love Revlon glosses and maybelline. Maybelline’s formula is great while revlon’s colours are outstanding.

  3. babyu21 says

    I love the Maybelline Whispers and the Vivids. I’m usually a Revlon girl but Maybelline is really doing it up this season.

  4. maria says

    I like nyx but im not too crazy about the smell. It reminds me of medicine. I would like to try though one day a fancy lip gloss like ysl or chanel.

  5. Marissa says

    Lancome juicy tubes are my favorite lip glosses. They are very good in quality and a little amount last a long time.

  6. Erica says

    I loooooooved Cover Girl’s Wetslicks, especially the Amazemint ones. Been on the hunt for a new favorite ever since they got discontinued.

  7. Fabiola says

    Congratulations on your two year anniversary!!! I am addicted to lipgloss. Some of my favorites are the NYX ones and also the MAC ones. :)

  8. Danielle says

    My favorite brand of lip gloss is Mac. I love the smell, the consistency, and the fact that its not sticky.

  9. Khalilah says

    Crystal love love love your blogs/vlogs…so inspirational and always one step ahead to inform your followers with the new NEW! Love the vids and look forward to them.

    Love YLS lippies and Maybelline

  10. Karen says

    I actually love Nyx and Milani glosses. Both have so much beautiful shimmer. I unfortunately don’t have any high end glosses. I very much want to try the Buxoms though. I’ve heard they are great!!

  11. Sabrina says

    I love watching you on yt and reading youre blog. Also youre vlog channel is amazing. Compaired to american department and drugstore’s, the dutch ones are so small. Happy blogaversery!

  12. Annette says

    My favorite are the Bare Minerals Buxom or Moxie glosses. I like the plumping effect, and they are pretty long wearing without being too sticky.

  13. Kendra says

    Love your blog and YouTube channels! I’ve wanted these glosses for a while, but missed out so it would be nice to score them with this giveaway! Congrats to you!

  14. T.R. says

    My favorite, even though I only have one, is Guerlain Kiss Kiss gloss. They are sooooo soft and feel like butter on the lips. I know it’s high end, hence why I only have one…:O), but I haven’t found ANYTHING else that feels like that against my lips.

  15. KG says

    As of now, my favorite gloss brand is BareMinerals.

    Thanks for having another great giveaway and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  16. jesspynk says

    Congrats! My favorite glosses are the Bonnie Bell scented glosses. Specifically the Strawberry. It’s the perfect color and smells so yummy!

  17. Tanya says

    my fav brand of lip gloss would probably have to be nyx. i love the color selection and the variety of shimmers and cremes.

  18. Sherry B. says

    Happy blogaversary, Crystal! My favorite lipglosses are drugstore- Revlon SuperLustrous and Revlon ColorBurst. Thank you for thinking of us when you bought these Lorac glosses; they are beautiful! I’ve never had the privilege of trying Lorac.

  19. Michelle says

    Happy anniversary, keep up the fantastic job you are doing. You are absolutely my favorite beauty guru! My favorite lip gloss would have to be revlon, never owned high end

  20. Brandi says

    Congrats on the anniversary! I had one Lorac gloss that was far too glittery and far too bright pink but felt wonderful, these look lovely though!

  21. says

    I have never tried any high end lip glosses. My favourite is definitely the tinted maybelline baby lips. I know they are more of a lip balm persay, but who cares! :-)

    Congrats on your upcoming blogiversay :)

  22. Genia says

    urban decay!! their lip junkie glosses smell AMAZING and the color lasts forever! not sticky at all and plumping with no feeling except a bit of mint! :)

  23. Jenny P says

    I guess I’d have to say Lancôme is my favourite right now, as I have a few of their Juicy Tubes. Gloss is a product I haven’t really explored much yet though, so that could change!

  24. Anne says

    happy anniversary! i’ve been following you on youtube/blog for about 1 year now, and it’s been awesome! thanks for your hard work!
    i have a lot of favorite brands, but i love both Maybelline and Urban Decay, but I probably like Maybelline more for the price :)

  25. Deeksha says

    I like the Maybeline and the revlon glosses… Have not tried the others…:(…anyways congratulations…

  26. Nicole says

    While I use a lot of Aveda, Clinique, and normal drugstore brand lip glosses(Revlon, Almay, L’Oreal)but Lorac is my absolute favorite by far!! I just can’t afford it which is why I don’t get to use it :( This is very kind and generous of you to do this giveaway, congrats on your blog making it two years and becoming so successful! While I’m keeping my finger’s crossed and pray I get picked for this, I hope who ever wins this giveaway enjoys a very awesome product that are in amazing colors <3

  27. Kristina says

    I haven’t found a gloss that I really love, but I enjoy the NYX ones. Congrats on your anniversary Crystal! <3

  28. veronica xdelice says

    favorites brand for lipgloss will have to be nars high end and nyx drugstore… great giveaway girl and congrats on this 2 year anniversary!

  29. Ashley says

    I like my lip gloss from Sephora, like the Sephora brand, and from Bath and Body Works becuase their lipgloss, (ok i didn’t want to say this) but it taste really good. Like, I don’t eat it, but you know, lip gloss stuff… And i like the one from NYC and NYX and Maybelline.

  30. Steph says

    My favourite glosses are Revlon’s Colorburst line- I have so many of them, and I think the formula is great. I honestly like them much more than glosses I’ve paid double or triple the price for!

  31. Serena says

    I have a lot of the Glazewear from Avon, I have always had great luck and haven’t ventured out beyond that much. I of course have a few Nars ones and MAC, but the sticky factor always gets me.

  32. Shelley Jessup says

    Happy blog-anniversary to you :)

    my favourite is Chanel.

    Thank you so much for all your great giveaways & blog, I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

  33. Kelley Garner says

    I love BE and Buxom lip glosses and from the drugstore I really like the Revlon Color Sensational!

    Congrats on your anniversary! Good work!!!

  34. Kelley Garner says

    I love BE and Buxom lip glosses and from the drugstore I really like the Revlon Color Sensational!

  35. Reba says

    I have so many lip glosses and no brand seems to really stand out, but I think I’ll go with Stila. Their colors are all coordinated so nicely with the flavors of the gloss! It’s fun to try them all out, and their little sets are a great way to get a bunch of ‘em!

  36. Unekwu says

    I have used gloss from various brands and love them all but I have to go with MAC. Simply because they make Viva Glam VI. I havent tried any other MAC gloss but Viva Glam VI is all I lip gloss ever!

  37. Hafsah T says

    I love NYX! Its my current favourite lipgloss brand and you’re actually the one that helped me discover it :)

  38. Faiza Qaiser says

    I only have three glosses with me right now, but i would love to buy something from Luscious(its a Pakistani brand) as i have heard they have quite good quality with affordable price

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