Blog Anniversary Giveaway #3-Bare Minerals Bag!

Bare Minerals Giveaway Bag

If your looking for giveaway #2 and you love Chanel nail polish look for that giveaway on one of my newer online (video) spots:)

Ok now on to giveaway #3. If you know me you know I love BM. It’s one of my favorite brands and the products are amazing. Here’s a bag of goodies to try from them for one lucky winner!

What’s inside the bag…

-Pretty Amazing Lipcolor, Moxie

-Pretty Amazing Lipcolor, Courage

-Pretty Amazing Lipcolor, Confidence

-Bare Minerals Natural Lipgloss, Sangria

-Bare Minerals Natural Lipgloss, Sugared Strawberry

-Bare Minerals Blush duo Pink Ice & Ginger Spice

-Bare Minerals Chocolate Souffle Lipstick

-Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor, Patina

-Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor, Pewter

Use the Rafflecopter giveaway tool down below to enter, good luck! International entries are welcome:)

It’s all bagged up and ready to come to your house!

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  1. Genia says

    i love maybelline because of their color tattoos and palettes! (especially cozy cashmere LE ) Thank you so much for these giveaways! they are fabulous!<3

  2. Andrea Mitie Anzai says

    I love Nyx!! Lipstick, primer, eyeshadow, everything! They have good quality products and reasonable price!

  3. Serena says

    My favorite brand is no more… but Tokidoki. I have several palettes, lipglosses, and eyeliners. Bruttino is my favorite eyeshadow of all time, a teal/turquoise color. I have found some that are comparable but not exact dupes

  4. Melody Eckert says

    My favorite makeup brand is actually BM. I’ve been using their foundation for a long time and it is literally the ONLY foundation i’ve ever used that honestly works for me. I also use their Volumizing Mascara everyday. It’s so great!

  5. Halifax says

    I’m from Canada, so my fav drugstore brand is a Canadian one: Annabelle. They have the TwistUp lip crayons, pretty great

  6. Shannon says

    I would have to say Nars mostly because of the range of shades they offer in foundation. I have found some quality lipsticks in covergirl, revlon and wet n wild though!

  7. Michelle says

    My favorite high end would have to be make makeup forever,because all the foundations and color correctors are women of color friendly

  8. Vanessa says

    I’ve been liking Maybelline, especially their mascara lately. I even like their Fit Me foundation (the color match is great, but it does get a little greasy after hours of wear).

  9. Ashley says

    I love Maybelline, Revlon, Clinique (which is more of a skin care line but it cleared up my acne so its on my list), NYC, NYX, and E.L.F

  10. Cassandra says

    I am such a makeup whore so it’s really hard to pick one brand that’s my favorite but I’d probably have to go with wet n’ wild. I couldn’t live without their eye shadows.

  11. Felicia says

    I don’t have a favorite brand, since I use different products from all kinds of brands. I’m a big drugstore brand person though. Right now I’m locving using covergirl foundation and concealer, revlon blush, loreal mascara, Milani brow stuff, and nyx eyeshadow and gel liner.

  12. Ruth says

    My drugstore favorite is l’oreal; their YSL dupe is great! I fell asleep with it on my lips and it was still shiny and colorful. As for high-end, I like to pick and choose depending on the item. From MAC i like their lipsticks and blush, UD their eyeshadows, Benefit their foundation and their real mascara.

  13. Pauline says

    A favorite makeup brand is Fashion Fair cosmetics.
    I love the Maybelline color tattoos from the drugstore brands.

  14. Caroline says

    My favorite high end brand is Guerlain and my favorite drugstore brand is Maybelline :)
    Amazing giveaways! :)

  15. Titi says

    Maybelline and Milani have definitely excited be the most recently in the drugstore. Highend I’m a Nars girl :)

  16. Alena N. says

    Urban Decay and Chanel are the dearest to me :) thank you for the chance, I haven’t ever tried bareminerals! So this is definitely a super chance!

  17. Megan says

    I love MUFE because their face products come in so many shades, including one that matches my very fair skin and their other products are just amazing quality and selection.

  18. Sade Nioka says

    It’s a toss up between bare minerals, MAC and covergirl…I cant live without my bare minerals foundation, my mac lipglass and blush, and my covergirl bronzer!!

  19. Kay says

    My favorite by far is Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals! Though it took me a few years to get into it, when I finally gave it a full try I haven’t turned back. In turn, it has turned my skin around. Love it!

  20. Selena says

    I use a mixture of different brands. I like Nuance, Revlon, Rimmel, milani, hard candy and physicians formula. I used different products from each. On the high end I love my Nars blush. Awesome giveaway, thank you!

  21. says

    I think my favourite drugstore brand is Revlon! I love Rimmel lip products though! And for high end I’m not too sure since I don’t have much high-end makeup! Probably Urban Decay though cause I couldn’t live without my UDPP and Naked2 palette!

  22. Nadine says

    Ahh! It’s so hard to choose just one!
    I like Tarte, Urban Decay, and Benefit. I know you said to just choose one, but I couldn’t. It was impossible! For a drugstore brand, I really like Revlon! Thank you:)

  23. Aida says

    I love the Too Faced line and NARS. I am completely addicted to those two brands and can’t stop at Sephora without looking at those to sections

  24. Kristen says

    Te raffle copter never let’s me fill in a response, so I will post it separate :) I’m currently loving the Organic Wear line from Physicians Formula

  25. Steph says

    It’s hard to pick an entire favourite brand! But thinking about what I use the most products from the most often it would probably be Revlon- they’re just an all around good brand that’s easily accessible, has loads of great products and colour choices, and is pretty reasonably affordable (plus being a drugstore brand they will often be on sale and you can’t argue with 30% off or BOGO/BOGOHO deals).

  26. Erica says

    I love Maybelline. Probably because mascara and eyeshadow are my two favorite makeup items and Maybelline does them so well.

  27. Kay says

    Even though it’s hard to pick a favorite company, I have to say Bare Minerals is definitely one of my favorites. I can’t wait until they come out with their new lip products.

  28. Nobu says

    Probably urban decay and maybelline. I feel like I don’t have a lot from one brand now that I think about it!

  29. MiMi says

    I really love NYX! I have something from that brand in almost every category: lipstick, lipgloss, blush, shadow! They’re really good quality at a great price point :)

  30. says

    hello! i’m new around here and looking foward to participate and win makeup goddies ;)
    i follow you on youtube channel – carmenelena1/ fb and on twitter.

  31. Unekwu says

    My favorite brand of makeup is Dior right now. I just started using their Diorshow mascara and it is AMAZING!

  32. Mafe Manlapaz says

    Bare Minerals… a friend got me the “Get Started Kit” and I am loving it so much and thinking of trying other make up products from Bare Minerals…

  33. Laurie says

    I seem to really enjoy my Urabn Decay Shadows the most in my collection but for lip products its Tarte Lip Surgences or Dior Addict for me

  34. HeatherZ says

    Bare minerals is what I’ve been using for a while now. I want to branch out into other brands like MAC but its all so costly.

  35. Shelley Jessup says

    Well my favourite is Bare Minerals so I’d be so so happy if I was a lucky lady & won this!

    Thank you for another fab giveaway xxx

  36. Deeksha says

    Overall i love Revlon….I think they are really good….They have sumfin fr every kinda skin n lip n eye…lol

  37. Alexcia Redd says

    OK, I just realized that leaving a comment meant answering a question :/
    Bobbi Brown is my fav HE
    Revlon DS

  38. Erika says

    Revlon is my favorite drugstore brand. I just got into higher end makeup brands. I’m still auditioning candidates.

  39. Kelley Garner says

    My favorite make up brand is The Balm. I’ve never really been disappointed in any of their products. As for drugstore, I really like Revlon as well. :)

  40. Reba says

    My favorite brand is Shiseido… I love their Tropicalia eyeshadow palette and their lipsticks are just dreamy! For drugstore brands, I love Maybelline. Those color tattoo eyeshadows are the bomb!!

  41. Marissa says

    My favorite makeup brand is Urban Decay. One of my favorite products right now is the Lorac Pro Palette

  42. says

    My favorite makeup brand has to be Urban Decay. Their eyeshadow formula changed the way I looked at makeup! I am obsessed with all their palettes and Supercurl Mascara.

  43. Faiza Qaiser says

    My favourite is Medora:). Its a Pakistani brand and i love its matte lipsticks esp. now when they have expanded their colour range.

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