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What a week! Sometimes I am so happy for the weekend to get here and Lifetime TV. Nothing relaxes me more than a easy to follow movie and gummy bears or chocolate….and ginger ale. Well here are some posts that caught my eye this week. Just in case you missed have a look!

Makeup and Beauty Blog- Urban Decay Holiday 2012 Pics and Swatches

Musings of a Muse- Mally In the Buff Eyeshadow Palette

Temptalia- Nars Andy Warhol Collection-Sneak Peek

Scrangie- Butter London Gobsmacked Fall 2012 Swatches and Review

Fruity Lashes- Nars Eyeliner Stylo Swatches and Review

Temptalia- Le Metier de Beaute Fall 2012-Nouvelle Vague Collection

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    • says

      Haaaaa I think it’s a little strange that UD is doing dangerous, feminine, and fun palettes again and no ones saying that they have done these before. i checked the three i have in the cardboard palettes and they are different eyeshadow shades but still. I think they should call them fun, feminine, and dangerous part deux. LOL.
      How are you doing w/QVC today. I’ve ordered three things, I am being so good.

      • says

        Oh really? Interesting. I didn’t pay to much attention to the eyeshadows when I first saw the post.

        I’ve been gone for most of the day lol. I came back and poked around online to see what I’ve missed. So far so good. Looked at a couple of things but nothing screaming that has to be ordered right now. I probably will get the BE Ready foundation. Will have to wait list it since my shade it gone. The trio of Lights, Camera, Lashes and maybe Laura Geller’s Tinted Spackle. I used it a couple of years ago when I was getting back into makeup. Can’t remember if I liked it or not since I didn’t use it under foundation. Definitely watching the BE show at 9. Love Lisa and Leslie together.

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          That BE Foundation looks amazing. I’m going to have to wait because QVC only has like 7 colors but when it comes out in stores my color Golden Dark is going to be there. It’s not on QVC which sucks cause I want that brush too! Lisa is my favorite:) Oh crap Mallys got more new stuff it’s only a few minutes in and I swear they didn’t have this stuff on the website earlier this afternoon. Why do they play with me like this?

          • says

            I know that sucks. The brush is the only reason why I want to get it from them. Crafty devils! I’m surprised that they didn’t have Golden Dark which they usually for the regular foundation. Lisa is great and cracks me up. They try to get cha any way that they can lol!!!

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