Blog Sale Reminder & A Little Something That Really Pissed Me Off!



The blog sale is coming on Sunday and I hope some of you can make it! Here’s the link to the rules so your prepared and can get your order in as early as possible!

I got a comment on my original blog sale post in this morning and I have to tell you it pissed me off. I don’t ever compliment myself guys but I can tell you very honestly that no one tries to be more fair than I do when it comes to giving back. I try my hardest to share products (through giveaways) and anything else I can. I spend a few hours most days answering personal email requests for makeup help/advice and replying to comments on the over 300 videos that I have on YouTube. But there is one thing I can’t do. It’s pay for things that I shouldn’t have to and sacrifice money that could be better spend on things that will help this blog.

So if your International and you can’t participate in blog sales I’m sorry. Very sorry. So many of you have written me and asked why you can’t join in on the blog sales in such a polite and open way and I’ve been glad to tell you whats gone on behind the scenes. But I want to tell those that haven’t written me personally why.

Here’s the question I got this morning:

Why do you accept subscribers and followers worldwide but u don’t offer blog sales worldwide

Here’s my answer:

Why do I accept subscribers and followers worldwide? Because I appreciate any support from any beauty lover no matter where they live. I do so many international giveaways that I spent $400 in shipping last year getting prize winners the items they won in giveaways. Ever sent prizes to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Australia, or Sri Lanka? It costs $25-$30 to send most of the international prizes unless they are going to Canada. International shipping is something that just doesn’t work out blog sale wise because I’ve tried it a number of times with my first few sales. I’ve had people refuse to pay the correct shipping amount because it ended up being $20 in shipping for their country. Thats after the blog sale is over. It’s happened over 10 times and some insisted that I pay the shipping difference or else they wanted to cancel their order. I’ve also had another 7 orders that the recipient claimed never reached them because for some countries you cant get the proper tracking verification. In good faith I returned their money because it’s the right thing to do but it doesn’t do me any good to return over $200 for products that I’m not positive didn’t make it to the owner.
Sometimes when someone does something they have a really good reason. I really take offense to your comment because I don’t know anyone that spends as much each year on giveaways/shipping as I do in appreciation to the people that are kind enough to stop by. So I accept anyone that comes by gladly but I’m unable to lose money for no reason at all. Because guess what money I use to purchase items for blog giveaways? BLOG SALE MONEY.

Again I am sorry that I only let the readers in the US and Canada buy items but now you know the reason why. Hopefully I’ll be able to have some great giveaways so in some small way I can show my international readers appreciation for the rest of the year. Thats what I’m hoping at least!

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  1. says

    I used to offer international shipping when I had blog sales or sold on the MAC Livejournal community, but I had to stop. Mainly because of the price, but also because of tracking. You can’t track international shipping. Not to mention I’ve had sales and things have gone missing from the package or get really damaged. I felt bad when I stopped doing international shipping in blog sales, but it just wasn’t worth the stress and headache.

    • says

      It’s such a shame that there isn’t appropriate tracking to some countries. The last thing I would ever do is tell someone that tells me their order never came that they are out of luck. I don’t want anyone to feel like they have been cheated in any way. And packages getting damaged is another issue as well. I’ve had packages to some very remote countries take almost 3 months to arrive. I had to stop unfortunately and now the only worries I have concern international prize packages and that makes me anxious enough! Thanks for commenting!

  2. JC says

    I totally agree…………
    I usually send a small package to South America two times a year and prices have double since 2013!!
    “Prices for most international post office shipping has MORE THAN DOUBLED since February 2013. The most drastic changes are the low weight first class packages making many cost prohibitive to offer subsidized shipping”

    • says

      It’s a shame that the prices are so high. I remember I sent a giveaway prize of a few sets of lashes to Russia and it was $26. Thats just crazy cause the package weighed so little. The cost for low weight items is awful in some cases.

  3. Tia says

    Wow. I just assumed there was a good reason that you stopped making blog sales open to everyone. I really love everything I’ve gotten from you and I appreciate you making getting high end stuff affordable. I don’t usually get Chanel but I got some from you! Please keep having sales. I love them.

  4. sury827 says

    I’m not a blogger, but I tend to buy many products from abroad. I recently bought some hair vitamins from the US and had to pay nearly $40 of shipping costs plus €30 where i live for “import” costs. I sometimes order from the UK in order not to pay the last duties but the exchange from euros to pounds is a pain in…well, this is to say many of us understand you, so don’t bother:-)… oh, and it also means I won’t be getting my lorac pallete I’ve been craving anytime soon, as my sephora does not carry it :-×. But well, if’s life, I appreciate a lot your reviews.

  5. Kimberly says

    Hi Crystal! I totally agree with u! Its no different than if someone ordered from a company & had 2 pay 4 international shipping….. Girl, myself, along with the majority of ur subbies totally support u & all u do 4/with us! Dont let a few bad apples get u down :)

  6. Kanika Jain says

    I too wish for international blog sales .. but I get it. There are so many hassles. Payment, shipping, tracking of package and sometimes cost is much more than the package itself. Apart from that there are custom rules different in all countries which make it impossible. I am international follower from India and I really like to read your blog (although I comment very less) and know that you really like to share if possible :)

  7. Chrissy says

    Ugh some people!! I love that you do blog sales and giveaways all the time I think it is awesome but it’s defintely not why I follow you!! I would love you just the same without the blog sales and giveaways! Clearly that person cares more about cheap/ free suff than you!! Seems like for the most part you get lots of love!:)

  8. Angie says

    Hi Crystal,
    I’m new to your Blog Sale I’m afraid I will miss out because I don’t know how all of this works? Thanks for any guidance you can help me with.

    • says

      All the rules are on the original post here: .
      I suggest getting familiar with how things work beforehand because the emails come in fast with requests from buyers and it’s easier if you have your email ready and put your items you’d like on it and your paypal email address and your all set!
      Here’s an email that was sent to me from the last blog sale:
      Hi Crystal,
      Are these items still for sale, if so can you invoice me at k****
      Nars Pro Prime Pore Refining Primer $20
      Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil-Never Say Never $15
      YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #6-Pink in Devotion $15
      D&G Lipstick-Desert $15
      Tom Ford Lip Color Shine #4-Ravenous $20

  9. Shaun says

    Long time reader, first (maybe second time) “commenter”. It sucks that you have to deal with comments like that. I thought that people understood that if they buy something from another country, the shipping will be expensive and consider that before purchasing. Common sense isn’t common I guess. I’m sure there are international bloggers/vloggers who have giveaways and blog sales too. I’m usually too slow for blog sales (slow typer, lol) but I still appreciate that you have them anyways :)

    • says

      Thank you. I know when I buy something from another country the shipping is going to be expensive. It’s a shame that it’s that way but it is!

  10. Darlene says

    Crystal you are one of the most informative you tubers in the beauty community. I find your kindness and loyalty to your subscribers undeniable. You are a beautiful strong woman and I am so proud I can use you as a source of honesty in the beauty world. There are so many people out for the all mighty dollar and not strength of character. Thank you for being who you are and please continue to do so even when others are not as grateful and are discouraging to you personally or professional. No I am not a suck up I just appreciate a good source of knowledge to save a honest dollar.

    • says

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate you saying that. I think that I really need to just keep this thing going and since I truly believe I’m doing as much as I can I should just have faith in that. But it doesn’t hurt to have someone as nice as you encourage me. Thank you:)

  11. says

    I feel your pain about the international shipping. My family lives in southern africa and I ship things to them all the time. The first thing they tell me at the postal service is that there is no guarantee that the item will get there. I try to ship UPS when I can, but the last time cost me $230 for items that cost $40 to purchase!

    Keep doing you lady, the rest of us are here to support you and we truly appreciate what you do.

  12. Felicia says

    Although, I am right here in GA, I can completely understand. I think that anyone would, even if it meant that they could not participate. I sold Girl Scout Cookies this year, and in an effort to include some of our family and friends out of town, I agreed to ship cookies out of state. I spent $30 to send $50 worth of cookies from GA to CA… and that was domestic!

    I love your blog and YouTube videos! Keep up the awesome job that you do. I realize that this is a hobby for you and not a job.

    • says

      That was so nice of you to ship out those cookies! I think it’s a darn shame that shipping prices are the way they are but I can only do so much. Thanks so much for taking a look at the blog and videos!

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