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Have you seen these yet? I keep seeing them and I can’t help but remember the first time I used a Biore Pore strip waaaaay back in the day. I thought it was amazing but the gunk that it took off my nose was scary. Really scary. It made me want to scrub my face an extra five times or so a night. I mean how could that much crap be sitting there inside my pores? I was a teen but dayyyyyum it was shocking.

Okay back to Boscia’s strips. For $15 you get six black strips that help with blackheads and the oil clogging stuff hidden on your nose. They’ve included a few ingredients to help control extra oil and tightens pores.

I don’t know if I’m up for this. I think I must have been traumatized back in the day!

Are you interested in Boscia’s Black Strips? Do tell!

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  1. Caroline R says

    I have some black Biore nose strips that i got in Japan. They work great and are a lot more “graphic” than the white ones.
    I stopped isung them though 1/ because i heard they weren’t good for the skin, 2/ because i since discovered techniques to avoid having so much crap on my nose to begin with so i don’t need them anymore.
    I say pass, you definitely don’t need them.

  2. auntie rella says

    I ordered some Nars foundation via sephora the other day (due to your review) and used the promotional code to get a free sample of the strips …I am interested to see how they work when I get them :)

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