Break From Beauty: Man Scents

Chanel Bleu (1.7 oz/$62)

How do you feel about mens fragrances? I love many of them but Bleu from Chanel has sent me into orbit. It smells so good. It’s not too strong and I think its perfect for a guy (like mine) that isn’t into cologne. It smells good. Don’t worry it doesn’t hang over a room like a dark cloud. Drakkar Noir anyone? Uggghhh I have nightmares about that scent.

Description from

A woody aromatic fragrance for the man who defies convention, and resists the ordinary every day, finding satisfaction in the unexpected. His fragrance, a provocative blend of citrus and woods, liberates the senses — fresh, clean, profoundly sensual — a signature statement of determination and desire. Be unexpected.

Do you have any man scent (God I love saying that!) suggestions for us girls that might be on the hunt for a holiday upgrade for our fellas? I think Chanel Bleu might be the one for me (errr I mean him) but I’m willing to sniff some other recommendations.


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  1. Kelsey says

    I love the men’s Calvin Klein Euphoria. I also love the women’s version of this scent (not the forbidden or any of the other releases, just the original euphoria for women). The fragrances compliment each other well and the women’s bottle is gorgeous.

  2. Kelsey says

    Oh and I almost forgot, another men’s fragrance that I love is CK One. This is a unisex fragrance which is great because my boyfriend and I can share one bottle. I love to wear it just as much as he does. It is very fresh and light so it will not be overpowering if both people wear it at the same time. It is great to wear year-round too which is another bonus!

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