Break From Beauty: Samsung MV800 Digital Camera & Fall TV Ramble

I got a new digital camera! Besides loving makeup I am a sucker for the latest technology like cell phones and cameras so let me show you my latest love the Samsung MV800!

















This is a flip out camera so its easier to take pictures of yourself. I really need that because I’m always taking pics of my lips or lashes for the blog. It even has a touch screen for taking pics and video-I’m going to learn how to use it and then retire my trusty Canon Powershot ELPH. The Samsung MV800 is 16.1 mega pixels so you are going to see some finer detail in my pictures I guess.


Have you been watching the new Fall TV shows? I like Revenge, Ringer, Person of Interest, Prime Suspect, and Charlie’s Angel’s (dont judge me!) so far. I’m also glad to see old favorites like Desperate Housewives, Law & Order SVU, Gossip Girl, Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy, and Dexter come back. I have interesting tastes don’t I? I never turn away from a legal or medical drama and I love the silly pointless shows too. There is no point to Gossip Girl, I just love the outfits:)

I DVR a ton of shows and I’m so serious about it that I have a grid (my husband loves to tell people this) where I map out which DVR is going to tape what with our DirectTV service. In fact over the summer one of my DVR’s died. It wouldn’t turn on or do anything. I asked the poor DirectTV guy four times (in four different ways) when he came out if there was any way to transfer the shows on that dead DVR to my new DVR. I know he thought I was a nutjob….oh well. I am serious about my shows! I watch the first two episodes of many shows and eliminate the ones that I think are not going to work for me. Some surprise me though. That comedy Whitney is very funny and Terra Nova is kind of interesting too. Who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

What new shows are you into this year? Let me know-I’ve got room on my DVR’s!!

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