Break From Beauty: The X Factor

I’ve been watching the X Factor and it’s been interesting. Last year the performances at the judges homes were not that exciting. A few things surprised me last night though.

First off I don’t like the idea of the judges making a group out of people that don’t know each other. They did that last year and I thought it was strange. It’s great that they don’t have to go home and get another chance but pairing people up that don’t know each other is risky and a big fail sometimes. So I admit I look at these newly created “groups” as a waste and watched YouTube videos and had the TV down low because I didn’t expect to like them much last night.

Second no offense to Miley but I HATE her song Party in the U.S.A. I hear that song and I want to scream. So imagine my surprise when a thrown together group did her song and made it my favorite performance of the night. The last girl group was great also. They have amazing voices but Lyric 145 just walked away with it for me because I wasn’t expecting much from their group.

They start the song at the 2:00 mark in the video below. Notice how wet Marc Anthony’s shirt is before they start-guess the PEPSI isn’t helping him cool down in the Miami heat!

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