Break From Beauty: Vampire Diaries

I am a serious vampire lover.

I watch True Blood religiously and I’ve even read all ten of the books by Charlain Harris that the HBO series is based on. Sooo when Vampire Diaries came out a few years ago I was going to try it out because if you add a little high school angst to the whole vampire lifestyle, what could you get but good tv? I watched the first two episodes and I lost track of the show somehow.

I was busy selling massive amounts of doggie drugs like Frontline and Heartgard in New Jersey and New York city so maybe I lost my inner nighttime TV Guide. I love buying used DVD TV Series sets from Amazon. They are such a good deal and it works kind of like Ebay. After I finish watching a series I just resell it for usually about the same amount I bought it for. Well anyway I just wanted to share and see if you love or hate this CW show…let me know!

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