Quick Break from Beauty….

I don’t know about you but I love aquariums and animals of almost any kind. We went to visit the Baltimore Aquarium and saw the Dolphin show yesterday. It was a lot of fun even though there were a million people there. I hate crowds mostly but it was so fun and worth it because it’s been ten years since my last visit.

Last time I got to be a part of the dolphin show and touch one of the dolphins. I was beyond excited. They feel so strange like smooth rubber…The show was just as good as I remember and there were some great exhibits too! My favorite was the Jellies Invasion exhibit. Here are two pictures from that exhibit.










































Cool huh? Ok that was a little diversion, I’ll get back to beauty:)

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  1. Lavendar says

    Oooo…I wanna go! Now that I see your post and how much fun you had. My company has free tickets for the BA, and I’ve never requested them. I think I will have to get on that! Thanks for the post.

    • says

      I had the best time, free tickets are good. I couldn’t believe the ticket price. Its like $27 for entrance to the aquarium and the dolphin show for an adult. My mom came so I looked for a senior discount, it was a whole $1 off! So get the free tickets:)

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