Bright Spring Lipsticks-Drugstore Only!

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  1. Mo says

    Great video! I will be anxiously awaiting the spring/summer foundation video. I am definitely an oily girl! I usually stick with my BM Matte. I like tinted moisturizers, but they usually slide off during the summer. It will be nice to have some alternatives.

  2. Cynthia imperato says

    I loved your video and went out and bought about 6 of your recommendations! My question for you is why does CVS charge more than the SRP for their beauty products? They seem to charge .20 – $1.00 or more per beauty product, it makes me so mad! I usually go there when I am on the hunt for something as they seem to get collections earlier than other stores, but I am going to be more patient and wait for Target or Ulta to get them in. What do you think about this?

    • says

      I’m so glad you liked the video! I have no idea why CVS does that. When I went to get the new LE Wet n Wild 8 pans the sign said $4.99 and they rang up for $5.49 each. so thats right along the lines of what you said. I love them for their beauty club thing but it really only allows me to get things at the price they should be in the first place most of the time. It’s unfortunate.

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