Burberry Bright Plum No.15 Lipstick









I love this color. I purchased two Burberry lipsticks and I showed you the first one a beautiful shade called Brick Red last month. Well I like this lipstick shade even better! Besides beautiful packaging which includes the neatest magnetic closure the formula really works for me. It’s a moisturizing lipstick formula with an almost lip balm like feel to it. I like it a lot. This lasts a little longer than the red color on my lips but both fade beautifully after a meal or drink. Touching up is a pleasure too. This lipstick is the closest thing to my all time favorite YSL Rouge Voluptes that I’ve come across. They aren’t interchangeable or duplicate formulas but the comfort of wear is what makes me link the two. They are very similar when it comes to how they feel on the lips.









Finding a Burberry counter to try these out is hard. There aren’t any around me and I only got to see the lipsticks when I went on a trip to Chicago. But if you can find one check these out and see what you think. They have some great nudes for lighter skin tones. At $30 each I’d recommend you try before you buy to make sure you love the color and consistency.

The new Burberry scent comes out on September 1st. I can’t wait to smell it, it’s called Burberry Body. They are giving away free samples if you like Burberry on Facebook so go check it out and get yourself a free whiff!

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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  1. Dino says

    The color looks good on you, I need to get into wearing red lipsticks, just need to figure out which one goes better with my complexion. thanks for your reviews, I am always looking forward to them!

    • says

      Thank you so much. I really didn’t wear much red for a few years but now I’m back into it with a quickness. Thanks so much for following the site, I really appreciate that!

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