Burberry Lip Velvet-Military Red #310









Burberry Lip Velvet-Military Red #310, $30

I picked this up not long ago and I love it. I have a thing for red and I wanted this one from a recent release bad. It’s a no doubt about it super RED shade that looks like you mean business. I really like the Lip Velvet formula. It’s pure luxury in a tube.

From the Burberry website:

  • Burberry innovation brings a new finish for lips: a velvety matte radiance, inspired by the most opulent of English fabrics
  • Iconic pigments give incredibly dense, luminous colour; gel technology gives weightless, imperceptible feel and comfortable long wear performance, while triglycerides and wild rose continuously hydrate
  • The result is effortlessly breathable, protective and elegant
  • Apply like a normal lipstick or apply to the fingers and press into the lips for a more effortless, natural colour

I picked this up at Nordstrom but right now they aren’t available. They must have sold out:( It’s still available on the Burberry website and I’m sure at some Burberry counters might have a few left.








I like this formula. It’s more moisturizing than my other lipsticks from the brand somehow. I am in love. Check this out if you are a crazy red hound! I feel like it lasts quite long on the lips and touch-ups aren’t necessary for a number of hours. I suspect this is limited edition but I’m not certain.

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  1. Shanna says

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the time you take to make videos. I just watched your latest MAC dupes for lipsticks and it helped me so much. Thank you for sharing your time and talent so we can benefit from your tips and tricks! Have a great day. -Shanna

  2. Rene says

    Yep, just called Nordstrom and asked them to do a search and they are still out. Darn it. Its so beautiful on you. You wear it well!

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