Burberry Pink Sweet Pea Lip Glow No.20

Burberry Pink Sweet Pea, $27

I love this shade. The first time I saw it on the Nordstrom website I sighed a little. I like Burberry glosses but the vibrant gloss shades are few and far between. Last year they came out with a gloss called Hibiscus that I love so they do have me in mind a few times a year. They are crazy enough to come out with something that has “hey crystal” written in invisible letters above their promotional pics. Yes I’m just crazy enough to believe that! Let me show you Pink Sweet Pea before you worry I need to be committed to a facility….

See what I mean? GORGEOUS. It’s a bright fuchsia. Pink is my second greatest weakness after red. Often it’s my first greatest weakness but anyway here it is on the lips!









I must say that this is not one of those glosses that I can put on without a mirror. I had to use three dips (doe foot applicator) to cover my lips and get the color even. With pigmented lips like mine it might be a good move to use some concealer first to make this color go on more opaque. But I’m always slapping on colors so the times I’ll end up doing that are going to be few and far between. So far as I know this is a limited edition so pick this up online or at your Burberry counter. It lasts the average four hours but wears off with drinks and after eating but I love it:)

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  1. Africanorchid says

    Oww I love this one even more than the Mallow Pink. but they are both superb though. Great choices Crystal. :-)

  2. Courtney says

    OMG!!!! I love this shade! I just received it in the mail today after work and whipped it on before leaving out to get my eyebrows done and then work out; it lasted the whole time! This color is vibrant and pink goodness! Thanks again Crystal for helping me spend $$$ :-)

      • Courtney says

        I love it so much I’m trying to decide on another color! We don’t have a Burberry counter near me, so I have to go off the pics on the Nordstrom website. I’m thinking about getting Hibiscus… Plus I saw your older video showing that lippie.

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