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I’m a huge fan of blush. All different kinds and consistency’s are game to me. The only thing that sets me off is too much shimmer. I don’t like disco ball cheeks. If there is too much of that going on I file a blush color away as a possible highlighter. In a blush I really just look for good color payoff and lasting power.

I am trying to get more familiar with Burberry’s cosmetics line and picked out Rose Blush. It was the deepest pinkish shade they had when I found a Burberry counter (finally) in a Chicago Nordstrom’s. I also wanted to see if the huge price tag made this something worth investing in or a failed luxury purchase. It turned out to be a great buy for all the usual good reasons and one little benefit to this blush made it an instant addition to my purse.

There are several stellar things about the packaging. It’s stunning to look at and screams luxury. There’s a nice mirror inside and the pattern in the blush is really cute. But the showstopper is the blush brush. It is FANTASTIC. I always throw blush brushes away, there isn’t another brand out there that I keep the brush from. This Burberry one is a keeper though. It’s angled and the perfect size for my cheeks. I love this little thing! At first I was ready to throw it away and then I used it as I often do for the swatch pictures I take and I literally said wow out loud when I used the brush on my hand for swatching pictures. Then I used it on my face. It’s such a nice soft brush. Usually I never carry blush in my purse because I don’t have a brush for it. Now I do!

The blush itself is finely milled and has great staying power. It lasts all day without touching up and goes on so smoothly so you just need a really light touch. The color is perfect in my opinion. Its pink but goes on really softly so it’s good for natural or everyday use. I’m not a fan of the powdery scent that the blush has but that is a minor thing. There are a few other colors available but I think this is the only one that is a good fit for me. These retail for $42 each so they are definitely an investment but if you pick the right color I think you will be really pleased day after day with the end result.

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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