Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick-Rogue (Coral Goodness!)









Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick in Rogue, $21 at Sephora

This is coral goodness y’all! It’s described on Sephora.com as a fiery coral shade and I gotta tell you that is only the half of it. The beauty of this and the comfort of wear is like not many lipsticks I’ve come across. This is one to try and one to BUY! I knew it would be good. Buxom makes excellent lip gloss and they have followed it up with great lipsticks.

Often times moisturizing lipsticks are heavy. This is a nice light formula. I get average wear out of this. About four to five hours. Touching up only after serious meals (burgers/pasta) only. This color stays with me really well during the day. The intense color/pigmentation makes this moisturizing formula a keeper!








I love the finish or shine on this lipstick. I wouldn’t even dream of topping this with a gloss. I don’t know if I could find anything in my stash to compliment it. It stands alone. I don’t feel any plumping tingle or anything when wearing this so don’t be scared!

Check out the details on sephora.com:

What it is:
A rebelliously vivid, full-coverage lip color with a dual-phase plumping effect and seductive satin finish.

What it does:
This smooth, creamy, ultrahydrating lipstick offers a major plumping effect without the usual tingle. Encapsulated hyaluronic spheres help to promote hydration and fullness, while shea butter, coconut oil, chamomile flower wax, and vitamins C and E help moisturize, soothe, and protect lips.

There are ten other shades on the Sephora website. Check these out on your next visit to the store-you need to at least swatch one of these colors. Calling all bright lippie lovers…..run don’t walk:) There is a bright shade you will LOVE girl!

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  1. T.R. says

    That looks so pretty on your. Just gorgeous. I need to try these. But I got so much lip products. I need to start purging again. Find them some good homes. :O)

  2. otti says

    Must be really moisturizing and so shiny!! You can never go wrong with Buxom lip glosses and now those lovely lippies ;-)

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