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Do you use face primer now in your makeup routine or have you thought about trying one? Cargo makes amazing blushes, lip, and eye products and their primer is no exception to a line of great products that really do what they say they will. This primer is a treatment product that besides helping with your makeup going on smoothly also helps with issues that concern most of us like lines, blemishes, and skin discoloration.

This $32 product is really a great thing to try, here is more information on it directly from Cargo’s website:

All the glow, none of the shine!  CARGO’s blu_ray™ Activating Face Primer reduces shine, refines pores and visibly reduces wrinkles.  This revolutionary formula is silicone-free and paraben-free.  See results in an instant and experience better-looking skin in 30 days!  Clinically-proven to improve skin’s appearance when used daily.  Use alone (we like to call it the colorless foundation) or under your favorite foundation.

So for one lucky winner this could be the start of something big!

Enter to WIN, this is open to EVERYONE!

Giveaway ends on August 30th!


1- Comment/Leave a Reply on this post ONCE and let me know how often you use face primer? Maybe you don’t use it at all, just let me know!

Make sure you leave the best email address to reach you at in the Mail: Will not be published/required area. Ok? Only I can see your email address if you put it in that area.

2- One entry per person, international readers welcome. I have to mail this to you, only enter if that’s ok!

I’ll contact the winner on August 31st by email!

Disclosure: This item was provided by Cargo PR.

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  1. says

    Lately I haven’t been using face primer. I usually don’t wear it in the summer because I don’t want to many products on my face when it gets so hot. During the winter months I usually wear it 5 days a week.

  2. Kelsey says

    Ive never used one because money is tight, but every time i walk by the drugstore ones (rimmel) i want to buy it but decide not to :(

  3. says

    I dont use one, cause I havent got one yet.. BUT I would Looove to try this one!! I Like :D I like every giveaway and I also reply on everyone, but I have no Luck i think :(

  4. says

    At the very moment I am using the Smashbox light primer. I have oily skin and I use it almost daily. I like it but would love to try others but I am on a NO BUY…Lol
    Thank you

  5. Asia says

    I’m not using a primer now, mainly because of them are silicone based and break me out….I wld love to win this one to see if there is finally a product out there that won’t break me out (holding on to the dream)…he

  6. Caroline R says

    I use a face primer every day (can’t live without it since i found the perfect one). Even when i just wear a very light powder, i’ve got to wear my Black Up Matifying Base under it: best. primer. ever!

  7. natalia leguisamo says

    i´ve never used cause here in argentina i couldn´t find , someone told me that lorea´l has a good one, but i can´t find it, so i would love to star using if i win! :D thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Ashly says

    I really have never used a face primer. I really want to though! i have larger pores so i totally should start trying some. I am just worried it will clog my pores even more.

  9. Eliza says

    I wear a primer every day on my oily skin!! I used L’Oreal but it’s kind of crappy..I need a new one! I’d love to try the Cargo primer

  10. Jessica says

    I hardly use a primer because firstly I cant afford them lol but I don’t know I don’t tend to use like foundation unless I am going out

  11. says

    I use a primer on the weekends which is the only time I have the freedom to get all glam-faced. I actually use the milk of magnesia trick because I’ve yet to find a good primer that can tame my crazy oily skin half as good as that does!

  12. kathy says

    i have never worn primer, but been really interested since my face is oily. I’m looking into which kind would work best with my skin type :)

  13. monique says


  14. crissy2u20 says

    Hey there, I tried 4 primers and every time at the end of the day I’m even more oily then before using a face primer. I’m still waiting for the product that will work for me.

  15. Tiana says

    I only use a face primer on and around my nose. That is where I have larger pores and an oil issue! lol I have tried a few different ones in order of my favourite to least favourite…

    Avon MagiX Essential Face Mattifier/Foundation Primer Perfector
    L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
    Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this! =)

  16. says

    Hiya. I use primer every time I put make up on but I haven’t found the perfect o e for me yet. I would love to try this one. Thanks! :)


  17. Brittany says

    I use a face primer every time I wear makeup! My face is super oily and whenever I don’t wear a primer, my makeup just slides off my face within a couple hours. So a good primer is necessary for me! :)

  18. says

    I have used a primer in the past (Laura Geller and Smashbox) but I haven’t in a long while… Thanks to recently discovering your YT channel, I am making a new effort to step up (and out) with my makeup game… KUTGW!!

  19. Maria Ruiz says

    I use primer everyday. I have been trying to find a good one for oily skin. I’ve tried high end to drugstrore brand. Thanks! :)

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