There’s A New Chanel (Bellagio Exclusive) Collection!

I’m beyond excited about this one. I can’t even wait till my order comes in tomorrow to tell you about it.

There is a pretty collection exclusive (for a month or so) to the Las Vegas Chanel Boutique in the Bellagio Hotel. I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Giselle at the Boutique on my last trip out to Las Vegas. I talked with her by phone about some collections months before but I have to tell you I was so glad to meet her in person. You can tell when a person loves makeup. My favorite people are the ones whose eyes light up with GLEE when they talk about makeup. Giselle is one of those and I’m so happy to have connected with her. She let me know earlier this week that she had something special available. I’m just gonna let the picture (courtesy of Chanel) do the talking for me.

I ordered the Lucky Strikes Palette and Gold Fingers Nail Polish. I already regret not getting the Brilliant Rouge Coco Shine. The Vegas Gold lip liner tempted me as well. If you love gold this is gonna be something you lust for. I hope to see it on my doorstep tomorrow, latest Friday. I’ll put up pictures immediately. I’m counting the minutes till everything gets here!

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  1. Asia C. says

    Is this seperate from the Summer collection?? The nail poliah looks like the one being released later this year.

  2. says

    Can the collection be purchased by phone if we call Chanel Bellagio? And also, what is the price for Lucky Stripes? This collection looks amazing. I love everything!!!! Thank you for the heads up :)

  3. Monique says

    Please, please, please don’t forget the swatches. This collection is so rich in color. I just may have to make that trip to Vegas. Crystal, does the Bellagio have an online store for that I can purchase it if I like the swatches?

    • says

      You can call Giselle to order it, her number is 702-892-2424. If you want to get it she can mail it to you. I’ll post the pics, and swatches ASAP! I really hope it’s here tomorrow.

  4. Justine says

    I sincerely hope this collection will be available in the UK…..I’ve been dreaming about that powder and rouge coco shine ever since I saw it on LaChanelphile’s blog. The nail polish looks like Diwali from the Paris Bombay collection! Really looking forward to your swatches :)

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