Chanel Does Blue Nail Polish: Les Jeans de Chanel

Who better to pose with these diva-licious colors than the biggest diva in the house?

Coco Blue, Blue Boy, and Blue Rebel

When I heard about this limited edition collection of blues I was really excited. I don’t know why but I love blue nail polish. It’s strange because purple is my favorite color but I will snatch a blue polish up quicker than I ever would any other color. I don’t care if it’s a flat shade, sparkly, light, dark, or expensive as hell Chanel. I love it all.

The lightest shade Coco Blue is easier to work with than I thought it would be. It reminds me of Revlon’s Blue Lagoon that I posted months ago but it’s a deeper blue. I did two nice thick layers of color and a top coat. I definitely got the payoff that I wanted. Coco Blue also has a fantastic sparkle to it. It’s got an icy pearl shimmer to it that I think is genius. It’s not a flat baby blue.

The deepest shade Blue Rebel is really pretty. I love the contrast between Coco Blue and Blue Rebel. I knew I had to use these two colors together. I wondered if Blue Boy and Blue Rebel would be too similar to Dior’s Blue Denim that I got recently as well. That is not the case, so I have a wide range of blue shades and no dupes so far. Yayyyyyy me!

Here’s a picture of the three shades together.

Blue Boy, Blue Denim, and Blue Rebel









Blue Rebel nails with a little Coco Blue

Blue Boy Nail Polish

I’m not in love with Blue Boy. It’s my least favorite of the three but the one that reminds me of jeans the most. I figured that I would either love the grayish sort of cast to it or hate it. It’s just kind of dull to me. The other two are stand outs, I love em! These are limited edition and available at Chanel boutiques and on Chanel’s website. Get your blues while you can!

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