Chanel Fauve #90 Soft Touch Eyeshadow

I saw this on a blog I stalk regularly and became a little crazy for this color. I am really into taupe-ish (lets pretend that’s a word guys..) colors lately because I’m all about putting lighter colors in my inner eye area. It makes me look awake insomniac that I am and I swear it distracts from my under eye bags too. So basically this fascination is helping me with a few of my biggest trouble areas.

I have a few of these individual eye shadows from Chanel now and I think that the key is of course picking a color you love ($28.50 each!) but also get a multi-tasking color you can use the hell out of. This looks just as beautiful all over the lid and the way that the color kind of mimic’s whats around it makes it great with purple and brown. I’ve used it with other shadow shades in those colors and it blends right into them on the eye like not many eyeshadow colors do. So what I’m trying to say is, this is versatile. Check your Chanel counter!









Fauve #90-finger swatch and skin swatch over eye primer

I really am glad I got this, I can do a lot with it and I think it’s a great fit for so many skin tones.

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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      I was looking at both and thinking how neat they both are. In pictures they look sort of similar but Fauve is so purple looking when you put them side by side.

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