Chanel Lucky Stripes & Gold Fingers Nail Polish (Las Vegas Collection)

I told you guys the other day about a new collection exclusive (for a month or so) to the Bellagio Chanel Boutique. I got two items from the four piece collection. There is a Rouge Coco Shine and Lip Pencil available also but I decided to get Lucky Stripes and Gold Fingers. My picks came by mail yesterday so here are some super quick pictures and swatches.

First up Lucky Stripes ($95) it’s for eyes and cheeks.

I swatched Lucky Stripes starting from the left side, the last two stripes of color look very similar to the 2nd and 3rd color so I just did four swatches total in these pictures. I hope that’s not too confusing. I used this palette on my eyes and as a highlighter for the tops of my cheeks and it’s really pretty. On the eye these are of course even more pretty than my thick hand swatches above. The color payoff is good, I didn’t use primer in my swatches above but again I did swatch the colors heavily.

And next Gold Fingers ($28) Nail Polish…









I just did two coats of Gold Fingers and a top coat. I am in love with this color, it’s the perfect mid-tone gold.

If you are interested in this collection check with Giselle (702-892-2424) in the Bellagio Chanel Boutique. Gold is GOOD!

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  1. Nancy says

    I have to have that whole collection. I must say I am surprised that the compact is 95 dollars I will pay it but question my sanity. What happened to 60 , 65 dollar tags urrrrr

  2. nicolle says

    thanks for the swatches!!! I saw this first on a website but no swatches. Then I saw it this morning on your High end haul video :) Thanks for the contact info! It’s so versatile.

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