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From the Chanel website:

Effortless to apply, with seamless blendability for a naturally flawless effect, this breakthrough foundation is the ideal all-day, everyday formula – suitable for all skin types in a diverse range of 20 shades.

This foundation was a surprise. I have used Mat Lumiere (#130 Chestnut) in the past and its great for keeping my out of control oily forehead in check but the color match wasn’t perfect. It didn’t address the undertones in my skin that really make a foundation look natural on your face. I was really sorry that such a good formula was a trapped in a flat beige kind of base color. I mean if Chanel can’t address the whole warm and cool toned skin thing ummm who can?

Well now they’ve addressed it and with this color selection (20 shades!) this foundation is going to be a godsend to a lot of people. I have #154 Ambre and I’m going to need another color by next month because I go down one to two shades less deep in the winter. But let me tell you what, I will buy another bottle. Because I need this stuff. It is GOOD. The color match is dead on and despite the scent that the foundation has it’s just about perfect. I’m not used to foundations having a scent to them, that’s really odd to me but I stopped caring about it once I saw how this blended into my skin like butter.

It’s $55 a bottle which is super expensive but I think if you test it out at the counter and take a sample home you’ll be sold. It’s worth the investment in my opinion. I think you should check into this foundation and give it a chance. I was really happy with this long wearing formula, it’s a great fit for combination skin.

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      I plan to tape a Youtube video on it. But I haven’t done a before/after shot with a foundation in over a year, maybe its time! I’d get a sample and try it out. The price is to high on this to play around. I think if you like the finish and color match you might decide its worth it.

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    I’ve seen ppl on YT rave about this. Is the coverage medium or full coverage? They’ll let you take a sample home to try first? Do they just pour it from the tester like at Sephora? Cause that’s kinda gross when people have all their hands over it. haha.

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      I’d say its medium coverage. They will give you a sample, I have seen them put it in a container from the tester at one store. I’m not sure if they have other individual samples. I know what you mean!

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    Wow I’m super duper excited to come across your youtube acct and quickly subscribed. I came across when I was researching the CHANEL perfection lumiere foundation. I have been debating spending the money (stay at home mom) I currently blend a MUF matte velvet foundation 70 and a Stila concelear in I together. Those 2 can be. Pricey and only last a little over a month. (Wear daily). For Many years I have struggled to find a foundation that matched and the Stila concelear I is almost perfect but the consistency is to creamy and makes me look to oily. I am now more confused because I saw the tutorial for the Mac…. I’m torn which to purchase. I tried a sample (Chanel) and seemed to like it (very small sample). I spoke with the Chanel Counter at Dillards and they will be having a beauty event this Thursday from 6-9 and will offer gifts with purchase. Now my dilema is I also have the VIB event the same day and time. BUT if the Mac may work and is less expensive then which should I choose? We have very similar skin tones and that was the amazing part because I have Never come across anyone who have the same dilema as I do with the very unique skin tone. (Most foundations are either to grey or orange or make me appear darker) so I am very greatful to find you! Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated as I value your opinion! Btw do you have a FACEBOOK so that I can introduce your site to my friends? I AM SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT COMING ACROSS YOUR WEBSITE! YOU HAVE MADE A FAN INSTANTLY! PS: I need full coverage due to some hyper pigmentation) thanks again!

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      I think if its between the Mac and Chanel Perfection Lumiere you should go for the Mac because you’ll be happy and spend less. You’ll get the coverage you need to, its medium so it covers my acne scars/discoloration. I need a yellow undertone in my foundations for them to work I can’t do the orange/red or beige. It looks crazy on me and when you look at my neck after wearing an orangish foundation. It looks like I am wearing a mask. I have a Facebook fan page. It’s on the right side of this website, please let your friends know:)

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    After more samples (nars) am going with the MAC and looking forward to saving the money and having a location near me. Rather than Sephora store 25 minutes away and purchasing STILA concealer and MUFE foundation. We will see… one more question do you have any videos on dupes? Thanks again!

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