Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Fascinante #38 Lipstick

I gotta tell you this is not your average matte lipstick. Your average matte lipstick I hate, but this Rouge Allure Velvet…I LOVE! It stays nice and creamy/moisturizing throughout the day and looks really good through meals and drinks. I love Chanel reds and this is an excellent addition to the ones that I have.









I can’t believe how creamy this is. It feels really comfortable on the lips. If you want to boost the moisture even more you can always use a balm. But I didn’t even need it. There is a nice subtle shine to this formula as well that really prevents another thing I hate with matte formulas, the chalky looking lip. No issues with that here. All you get is comfortable red perfection. Try this out on your next visit to the Chanel counter, there are some pretty colors available.

Rated A

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    ooooh I can barely wait to try these. I have been hearing how great these are….i don’t know which color to get #34 or #37?? I need to see these in person. lovely review.

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