Chanel Rouge Coco Culte #42 Lipstick

I love this color. Besides looking great the moisture level in this Rouge Coco makes me hella happy! Does anyone even say that anymore? I didn’t think so. Sorry. Let me start again. I love this color and its something I saw in pictures weeks ago and I knew I’d have to pick up. It is a pretty pink shade with a purple spin on it. I got it last week at Neiman’s (Kathy Shoreman is the best: 703-761-1600 ext. 3282) and I didn’t even wait to get home. I slipped some on in the car. It was love.

I have a small number of Chanel lipsticks and they all are good but this one is way more moisturizing. I have some Coco Shines and Rouge Allures but they are like sandpaper compared to this formula. I need more of these. The odd thing is my favorite shade ever Taffetas Rose #16 isn’t as moisturizing and it’s a Rouge Coco. Maybe that’s because there is some shimmer in the shade? I mentioned Taffetas Rose in my last YouTube video. It looks good on anyone. I’ve seen people of every skin tone wear it and it looks fabulous. Anyway Culte feels like a Lip Butter on my lips! I got on the Chanel website and here is how they describe the Rouge Coco’s:

New lightweight lip colour glides on for easy application, and features a Hydratendre complex to help soften, soothe and condition lips – even boosting their ability to hold in moisture – for a plumper, smoother and healthier-looking appearance. A range of wearable shades with full-coverage finishes, from matte to pearl to soft shimmer.

I will cosign on all of that! Here are some pictures of Culte on my lips! It’s an overcast day so I’m working with the lack of sun:(









At $32.50 each Rouge Coco’s aren’t cheap. But I am going to really use this one because it’s a great everyday color. It has instantly made it into my handbag. It’s a great slap on and go color! I can put on some mascara, slap on some Culte, and put on my sunglasses and GO.

Check it out at the Chanel counter. I think this is another shade that will work for many skin tones. If you are a fair skinned beauty check it out on Cafe Makeup here to see how it will look on you!

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  1. says

    This really suits you and looks such an easy to wear, everyday shade. I’ve only got one Rouge Coco (Mademoiselle) but its one of my favourite lippies.

  2. Nancy says

    OK help me out because I have been on the fence on this shade since I saw it online, I love plums and purples. I have Armani Rouge Sheers in 600 Bittien 601 , and 602 Noir These as I know you remember are more sheer I think you had purchased some of them as I remember in past post. Is this shade close to any of them in color? I have to order online so that is why I am asking. Does Culte have any brown in it? ( I hope not )

    • says

      I have Armani Sheer 600 and it’s not close to Culte. 600 is way more pink than Culte. Culte looks very lavender next to it. The other Armani shades I’ve got are orange/coral/fushcia and I don’t have 601 or 602. Hope that helps! There isn’t any brown in Culte either:)

  3. Pia says

    I’ve been looking at swatches and reviews of Culte to decide whether to purchase. I had to comment — this is absolutely beautiful on you!! I would not have guessed it was the same shade Cafe Makeup reviewed!

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