Chanel Sparkle D’Or Glossimer #307

Chanel Sparkle D’Or Glossimer

This is a beauty. I went into this expecting to get a beautiful gloss that is all about shine and that’s what I got. If you are expecting lots of color you’re not going to get it. This is one of those glosses that you can slap on without much effort and look like a million bucks. In short, it’s perfect for me!







Sparkle D’Or Glossimer (normal light/low light)

I’ve been wearing this since I got it but I dreaded taking pictures for you. The gold glitter is so subtle that you really don’t see it unless you really are at the right angle. If you are in lower light you might get a glimpse as well. The picture on the above right side is my best shot at trying to catch the fun sparkle in this Glossimer. I really enjoy this color and I’m so glad that I picked it up.

It’s going in my purse because besides being comfortable to wear with the glitter being not gritty at all, it’s not a gloss you need to put on with a mirror. I don’t find Glossimers to be too sticky either. Some might disagree, but I find them to be among the best glosses to wear. I love the lasting power and the moisture they give my lips. At $28.50 make sure you get a color that you love. I’m not crazy about the price, but Chanel ain’t cheap…ever!

This one is limited edition, so if you like it get it fast!

Rated B+

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