Chanel Twin-Sets for Fashions Night Out

I got an email from Chanel today about the pre-order for the new Twin Sets for Fashions Night Out this year. I think I like two of the sets…how about you? Will you be caving in and getting any of these? I love Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks. They feel amazing on the lips. Best matte lipsticks ever. My first one is an amazing red called La Fascinante. It gets used regularly. Let me know if you are tempted to pick any of these up! You can pre-order on and these say limited edition so make your decisions before they are gone!

Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks-L’Infidele, La Provocante, and La Delicate ($32.50 each)

Le Vernis -Infidele, Provocation, and Delicatesse ($26 each)

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  1. Nancy says

    I preordered the Nail Polish’s and the Dark Purple Lipstick …… hemming and hawing on the pink Lippie. PS I preordered last week……. I saw it was up on the website when I was randomly checking their site.

      • says

        I had already planned on getting the MAC lipstick that’s coming out tomorrow. QVC is having shows and they thrown in some beauty stuff here and there *hides*

        • says

          Oh boy I’m not going to watch QVC no matter what….till Mally’s on again I guess. Let me know how you like that Mac lipstick when you get it. I think I am going to get some stuff from the Mac Office Hours Collection they have a few blushes I want. Darn Mac….it’s totally a love/hate relationship with them.

          • says

            Will do! I briefly saw that collection and I wasn’t moved. I have love/hate probably more hate relationship with MAC. I hate that you pretty much have to “buy now” when collections come out. There are some items that I kind of what now from collections that out like yesterday and of course everything is gone -____- So that’s why other brands get my $$ lol!

          • says

            Makes sense. They really do make it hard to buy with all the buy now pressure. It’s funny you say that because I just threw up my hands and decided I’ll wait till I see Temptalia’s swatches to decide on the blushes I get. I was scouring the net for pictures of swatches. They put out so many collections I think they can’t even keep up with sending samples out. Hardly anyone has this collection yet so I’m just gonna wait.

  2. says

    Agreed. I think I need to check out items that are part of the permanent line and also start checking out the CCO near me. Don’t know nobody got time to keep up with MAC like that lol!

    • says

      No I didn’t order any yet. And I don’t think I am going to order the new lipstick from Mac. I really want a few of the new Laura Mercier lipsticks and a few of the Chanel Rouge Allures Luminous lipsticks so I think my lips are going to be busy trying out those!

  3. says

    I ordered the three polishes and the dark lipstick. I’m not sure on this pre-order business though. I found no info on the site about when they were going to ship. I hope they have enough in stock so I get what I ordered. I also bought the Skyline nail polish which I did get. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. Did you get Skyline?

    • says

      Thats strange they don’t give you an estimated ship date or anything. I didn’t get Skyline, I got all three of the blue polishes from last years Fashion’s Night Out release so I think I’ll skip that. I am interested in the darker blue illusion d’ombre though I am a sucker for those. And I ordered a bunch of the new Rouge Allures. So much is coming out at once!

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