Clarins Gloss Prodige #06 Raspberry

Rarely am I shocked by how good something is. This new Prodige Gloss from Clarins knocked me on my butt though. It’s so good that now it’s one of my favorite lip gloss formula’s EVER. I heard that I should try this from many blog readers and YouTube video commenters. I took my own sweet time checking it out but it’s been on my lips for four days straight now so its safe to say I like it.

I’ve mixed Raspberry with my Revlon Lip Butters, worn it alone, and over some of my favorite lipsticks. It’s a multitasking throw it with anything and it turns out fabulous product!









The only problem for some of you might be the scent. I love it but it is strong. It’s fruity in my opinion and it does linger a bit. The #06 Raspberry shade has a gold sparkle to it and in the picture above you can see a little of it glimmering in the tube. Its really a light shimmer though, very tasteful but still work appropriate. I get the average 4 hours of wear time but touching up is a pleasure. I love the extended doe foot wand applicator. This gloss also isn’t too sticky. It’s really comfortable to wear. And the final thing is….it looks amazing on!









I took these pictures off my digital camera and when I posted them realized that one of my eyelashes is right above my mouth ha ha! You can see it better on the picture to the right….ahhh gotta love it! A normal person would take new pics but I think its funny so it stays!

Back to the gloss. There are eight colors available. There is something for everyone when it comes to color options. At $20 each they are on the expensive side but I’m already thinking about securing back ups so I truly am a fan. Besides Raspberry I got Chocolate and Blackberry. I will show you those two shades in future posts. These are available at Nordstrom and most department stores with a Clarins counter. I got a few of their new lipsticks to show you soon as well. This is a brand I haven’t purchased much from but they are on my radar now!

Rated A

I came across a cute video Clarins did showing all of the gloss colors. It’s a minute long and makes you want them all!

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    It looks beautiful on you. I have put off Clairins makeup for a while now, I used to have it on my to buy list.
    I will be checking their lipglosses out.

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